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Colva Beach is one of Goa’s busiest resorts and is located on the south coast of the region. It receives a mixture of local and international tourists which flock to its shores at all points of the year to soak up some sun and enjoy its lively atmosphere. There are both busier and quieter spots on Colva Beach to suit whatever your preferences are. 

Budget Holidays to Colva Beach

Budget holidays to Colva Beach are already quite popular with travellers from the UK and the region can be reached via a select few airports in the UK. Goa International Airport is where you will want to head to and from there, Colva Beach is just half an hour drive away. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site for other exciting resorts from all over the world. Direct flights to Goa last around 11 hours and 40 minutes. However, some flights need to stop in places like Mumbai to re-fuel, meaning that your travel time can be longer than just the direct flight time.

Colva Beach enjoys its busiest and best period from October to around March time where you will avoid the monsoon season. Temperatures tend to reach the low 30s throughout these winter months with plenty of sunshine and more stable conditions to enjoy for visitors to the region. The summer months still see high temperatures but the weather is much more unpredictable. Because of this, we definitely recommend a visit during the winter months, especially since this is a beach resort.

Unsurprisingly, many tourists who travel to this area of Goa spend most of their time relaxing on Colva’s spectacular beach. The long stretch of white sand here enjoys a backdrop of palm trees, sand dunes and the town of Colva itself. Colourful fishing boats can be seen out at sea providing some fresh catches for the local restaurants. The town was a significant location during the colonial period, so expect to see some interesting historical sites on your travels too. 

Colva Beach provides a very wide selection of hotels and resorts to choose from. There are a number of luxurious options that provide all-inclusive dining as well as having their own swimming pools, spa facilities and much more. If your budget is something that you are keeping a close eye on, there are also plenty of villa/apartment-style places to stay in too. Colva Beach is one of the best places in the whole of Goa to sample some local Goan cuisine. The restaurants here are top-quality and cook with only the freshest of ingredients to give you a real taste of some delicious local food that you will never forget. 

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