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Taba lies in the Sinai Peninsula at the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, close to the border with Israel. Originally a Bedouin village, Taba has become a very popular holiday destination in Egypt and numbers have greatly increased since Al Nakb airport became Taba International. It is a scenically beautiful area with distant mountains, stunning beaches and sparkling waters of the gulf which runs into the Red Sea. Taba Holidays are more relaxed than those at resorts such as Sharm el Sheik, yet the amenities are just as good. They are the ideal choice for those seeking relaxation under sunny skies or for those who enjoy water sports.

Taba holidays are very popular with those seeking an escape from the dreary days of winter as the temperature lies pleasantly in the mid to high twenties. During the summer months the mercury soars and although average temperatures are in the high thirties, they can soar to forty and beyond. So unless you enjoy searing heat, the wintertime or early or late season are recommended.

Taba holidays are mostly about the beach and the recreational facilities on offer. Apart from being a popular diving spot you can enjoy a range of water sports including water skiing, wind surfing or sailing. The waters of the fertile coral reef are filled with many varieties of marine life and is a rewarding experience for snorkelers and divers. Away from the beach you'll find a beautifully manicured championship golf course, great for competent players but, owing to its challenging nature, possibly isn't suited to beginners.

If you have an interest in ancient history, take a day trip to Petra which is just over sixty miles away. It is a World Heritage Site that is sure to impress. Dating from 1500BC it was a very important and affluent city, with structures hewn from rose coloured rock. Its good fortune came because of their water system which enabled them to gather it in times of plenty and store it for use in times of drought. The city was eventually abandoned in 663 when an earthquake destroyed its dams and conduits. These remarkable ruins are well worth visiting.

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Taba holidays provide high standards of luxury as well as a range of recreational facilities which will please all members of the family. Regardless of star rating, you'll find hotels provide high levels of comfort and service is very good. Be sure to check the all inclusive holiday deals as they often provide surprisingly good value especially when travelling with children. Restaurants, bistros, cafes and fast food outlets cater for all tastes. Remember to drink only bottled water and ensure the the seal is intact.

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