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Soma Bay is an exclusive Egyptian resort on the country’s Red Sea Coast. It is home to some of the region’s most incredible diving spots, beach areas, golf facilities and spa centres. It is one of the most built-up resorts in the whole of Egypt and well-worth a visit for any traveller looking for some fun in a fun, sunny location.

Budget holidays to Soma Bay

Budget holidays to Soma Bay are being booked up fast and the region can be reached from a number of airports in the UK. The best way to reach this resort is to fly into Hurghada International Airport with Soma Bay being located around 45km away. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site for fantastic deals departing from local airports. Direct flights to Hurghada International tend to be around 7 hours long.

Soma Bay enjoys its busiest period from spring until autumn as diving enthusiasts, sun-worshippers and other tourists flock to this beautiful corner of the world. Temperatures tend to reach the low 30s throughout these summer months but temperatures don’t drop off much in the winter months, rarely falling below 20C. The resort enjoys year-round sunshine meaning it is always a good time to book a holiday to this place.

As already mentioned, one of the best things to do in this resort is to try out its unique diving experience. Expect to see some exotic marine life including crocodile fish and morays. Whether you are a first-time diver or experienced pro, there are excursions and guides to suit your level. If you want a relaxing day out with friends, why not take a look at the impressive Cascades golf course. This course was designed by South African champion Gary Player himself and features 18-holes against a picturesque backdrop. It may be difficult to focus on your shots though as the landscape is so breathtaking!

There are a number of great places to stay should you be passing through Soma Bay. Like many of the other Egyptian resorts, this place tends to have a focus on the luxury side of things with a number of grand resorts to choose from. Kempinski Hotel is just one of them with its own system of swimming pools and lagoons spread out over a crazy 7km! In terms of dining, usually your best bet is to get food from your own hotel since the kitchens here are of such high quality and employ some of the best chefs in the land. However, if you do fancy venturing out, there are a few places to grab a bite to eat down by the beach.

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