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El Quseir is an incredible, historical destination located in the east of Egypt. Its origins date back a staggering 5000 years and there is much to do, see and learn about the city and country’s past here. However, El Quseir has also modernised to some degree in recent years and due to its unique location by the coast, it has become a great destination for diving and for those looking for a relatively quiet, diving-oriented family getaway.

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One of the main attractions to El Quseir is its oldest mosque: Shaykh Al-Farran Mosque. Both the inside and the outside designs will transport you to a bygone era. The mosque is open to all religions and all genders outside of the designated worship times. The Ottoman Castle in the centre of town is also an excellent attraction that you don’t want to miss. It was constructed by the Ottomans but has since been held by the French and British, and now provides a glimpse into the region’s past as well as providing stunning views across the rest of El Quseir from the top. Another honourable mention is to go shopping at the local souk, where you will find a mixture of spices, souvenirs, jewellery and other goods that you would expect from a bazaar-style market.

Hotels, apartments and villas in the region are all reasonably priced and cater to a wide variety of budgets. Even though the accommodation options might be slightly more limited compared to other parts of Egypt, there are still plenty of good options.  The cuisines on offer in and around El Quseir are also quite varied, with some Egyptian favourites mixed in with international cuisines that you would expect to find in most holiday resorts.

Although El Quseir doesn’t have a specific ‘tourist season’, the general advice for the best time to go is between November and April. This is when temperatures are warm and comfortable which enables the possibility to do everything that the resort has to offer. In the summer months, the dry heat and beating sun can be a little too intense for many. The closest airport is Marsa Alam, with the main accommodation options for El Quseir located about half an hour away from here.

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