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Ocho Rios is one of the most exciting resorts in Jamaica and is majestically integrated with nature due to its tropical flora, winding rivers and grand waterfalls. It seamlessly combines lively aspects of a tourist resort including live reggae music and open-air restaurants with more peaceful aspects including retreats to the waterfalls and beaches of the area.

An Affordable Holiday to Ocho Rios

An affordable holiday to Ocho Rios is one of the hottest destinations that Jamaica has to offer and the region can be reached from a select few airports in the UK. The resort is located in a somewhat awkward position on the north coast, situated a bit of a distance from the island’s main airports. The closest one though is probably Norman Manley Airport, with a transfer to Ocho Rios taking about an hour and a half. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site for more incredible offers to Caribbean gems like this one. Direct flights to Jamaica are around 9 and a half hours long.

Ocho Rios enjoys its busiest period from late December until around February time as travellers from Europe look to escape the cold. The best time to find some great deals on flights and hotels is in November and early December. Temperatures tend to reach the low 30s throughout the winter months with not much drop-off across the year at all. Therefore no matter what time of year you plan on visiting Ocho Rios, you can expect to have a fantastic time.

Some of the best things to do in Ocho Rios revolve around diving into the natural aspects of the area. The rivers and waterfalls in this resort are not just amazing to look at but also provide the ideal environment for kayaking and exploring. Dunn’s River Falls is the most popular tourist attraction here and swimming near the falls and hiking alongside them are top activities to do. For the little ones, we recommend one of the horseback rides that are available in Ocho Rios. Choose from either a trot along the beach or through the historic Annandale Plantation. 

There is no shortage of top quality accommodation choices in Ocho Rios with all price ranges and preferences being covered. Luxury hotels can be found all across the resort with all-inclusive options that have some of the best facilities on the whole island. If you are keeping one eye on your budget, there are plenty of options that are a bit kinder on the purse-strings too. As with most Jamaican resorts, dining out a few times is a must-do. Any variety of jerk dishes are highly recommended as well as other regional dishes that are freshly prepared with delicious local ingredients.

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