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Negril is known of one of Jamaica’s most easy-going resorts and with a perfect mix of Jamaican authenticity and enough tourist facilities to keep you going in, this place is one of the most pleasant regions on the island. Without a main road going in or out until the 1970s, Negril was a place for hippies to escape and still retains its laid-back vibe and cultural charm. 

Cheap holidays to Negril

Cheap holidays to Negril are beginning to grow in popularity and the region can be reached from a select number of airports in the UK. Because of its remoteness, Negril is slightly more difficult to reach than some of the other resorts in Jamaica. It is recommended to fly to Sangster Airport in Montego Bay and from there, the resort is just under an hour and a half drive away. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site for more great deals to relaxing places like this for your summer and winter getaways. Direct flights to Montego Bay usually take around 9 and a half hours.

The best time to visit Negril is in the winter months - anytime from late November until around March. Temperatures tend to reach the low 30s throughout these winter months and it is the time when the climate is at its most pleasant and stable. It is also the best time to pick up some amazing hotel and flight deals to the island. The summer months are still very warm although there is always a slight risk of hurricane season spoiling your holiday. Regardless, Negril is an awesome all-year-round holiday destination.

There are all sorts of great things to do as a tourist in Negril and one of those is to spend some time relaxing on the famous Seven Mile Beach. Here you will find luscious soft sands and a prime spot for watching the sun set each evening. The beach is split into distinct parts based on tourism levels; with plenty of sun loungers and parasols outside the big hotels and local shacks being characteristic of the more public areas. To the south of the beach you will find the region’s famous cliffs. Not only is this considered a bit of an adult’s playground with its coves and cliff-jumpers, it is also where many of the resort’s best restaurants are located, providing stunning views over the Caribbean Sea.

The accommodation choices in Negril vary to the extent that you will be able to find somewhere to stay no matter how you want to approach this unique resort. If you like the comfort of bigger hotels, there are a number of them down by the beach with easy access to the wonderful soft sands and all of the facilities there. We recommend a stay in one of the local, independent properties where you will get the most authentic experience of the resort. These places often provide the best atmosphere and are a truer reflection of Negril’s Caribbean hideaway past. Aside from the rustic bars and restaurants in and amongst the cliffs, there are also plenty of amazing places to eat and drink along the beachfront.

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