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Santo Antao is the second largest of Cape Verde’s Islands and provides visitors with a whole variety of terrain ranging from dusty and sandy areas to pine forests and even the edge of a volcano! Most of the island is untouched so expect to see a good amount of unique wildlife. Much of the island’s limited amount of tourism takes place towards the northeast corner where there are some great hiking routes.

Holidays to Santo Antao Island

Exotic holidays to Santo Antao Island in Cape Verde are becoming more and more popular and the region can be reached from a select number of airports in the UK. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site to compare holidays from your nearest airport. Direct flights to the Cape Verde islands tend to be around 6 hours. You cannot fly directly into Santo Antao and instead will have to take a ferry from the town of Sao Vicente. This transferring can seem like a bit of a hassle but when you see the untouched landscape of the island, it will certainly be worth it.

Santo Antao is mostly visited in the months from November to June where the island experiences the least amount of rain and the temperatures are very warm. The months of August to October bring a bit more rainfall but the island still remains very humid, warm and tropical. Because of the island’s pleasant temperatures all-year-round, it is always a good time to visit.

One of the coolest man-made sights to see on this island is the Farol de Boi lighthouse which is the oldest and largest lighthouse in the whole of Cape Verde, built in 1886. It is now abandoned, but still worth seeing as a part of the island’s history. In terms of more natural features of the island, there is a grand, picturesque valley between Porto Novo and Ribeira Grande which sits in the crater of an extinct volcano - so you need not worry when trekking in and around it!

The accommodation on the island is very limited in terms of both number and size due to its relative isolation. Your best choices will be in resorts like Ponta de Sol and Porto Novo where there are small apartments and rooms to rent. The same can be said for restaurants; a limited variety but the ones that you do find are very authentic and an experience in themselves!

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