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Boca de Coruja is a quiet resort situated on Santo Antao Island, part of the Cape Verde archipelago. Although there are a limited amount of things to do here, the region is extremely picturesque and ideal for anyone that enjoys visiting destinations that are relatively untouched by tourism. For these reasons, it is probably wise to avoid if you have a family with young kids but definitely worth considering if you are a keen explorer.

Holiday Deals to Boca de Coruja

Holidays to Boca de Coruja are becoming more and more popular and the region can be reached from a select number of airports in the UK. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site compare deals from your nearest airport. Direct flights to the Cape Verde islands tend to be around 6 hours. Boca de Coruja is one of the easier resorts to reach in Cape Verde as it is situated near the airport in Ribeira Grande. 

It is best to plan a visit to Boca de Coruja in the months from November to June where the likelihood of getting a lot of rain is at its smallest and the temperatures are very warm. The months of August to October tend to bring a bit more rainfall but the island still remains hot and humid, albeit without much to do if you are stuck indoors. Therefore it is probably best to plan a trip at a time of year where you will be able to maximise the amount of outdoor activities.

One of the principal attractions to this place is its impressive selection of hiking routes. The part of the island in which Boca de Coruja is situated is very tranquil and enjoys panoramic views for miles from one of the many hilltops and mounds. Inside the town itself, the two main points of interest are Ponta Do Sol Town Hall and Ponta Do Sol Church. Both of these places are key points in the resort’s history.

The accommodation options in Boca de Coruja are very limited and you will probably have to scout the nearby resorts too if you want to find the perfect choice for you. There are, however, a couple of fantastic beach lodges to choose from as well as the odd traditional hotel and apartment complex which can provide a very comfortable stay. 

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