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La Palma is one of the most idyllic of the Canary Islands and yet surprisingly, is one of the least known about. It is also holds the crown of World’s Steepest Island meaning that much of the island provides absolutely spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding land, seas and world itself. This is the perfect destination for travellers, explorers and adventurers at heart that seek unmatched scenery and beautiful walking trails.

Holidays to the island of La Palma

Holidays to the island of La Palma are a fantastic and unique choice of destination, even though it is a little bit tricky to get to. There are a number of ways to reach the island, including ferries from Tenerife and connecting flights mostly via mainland Spain. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site to see holidays to the island of La Palma from your local airport

La Palma is at its most lively during the summer period that runs from Spring until Autumn. Temperatures tend to reach the mid 20s throughout these summer months but temperatures do drop off as winter approaches due to the high altitude. Nevertheless, this place is still worth visiting alI-year-round. Visiting at different times of the year is also a great idea if your budget and timetable allows it in order to experience all of the changing colours of the landscape as the seasons change.

The best things to do in La Palma involve exploring its vast countryside. It is recommended taking a trip to the highest point on the island, El Roque de Los Muchachos, which stands at about 8000ft high. It can be easily accessed by car (phew!) and provides some of the most incredible views you are ever likely to see. One of the best walks that you can do on the island is called Ruta de los Volcanes. As the name suggests, you will come across some magnificent volcanic craters all of the way round as well as soaking up the rest of the landscape. It can be quite a challenging walk though, so it might be best to avoid it on hot days.

Tourist hotels and apartments can be found in the resort of Santa Cruz and Los Llanos. Country cottage-style accommodation can also be found dotted around the island which make for magnificent holiday homes and cosy bases amongst the surrounding forests. Eateries are mainly restricted to the small resorts and some of the local favourites include goat and papas arrugadas - small potatoes boiled in salty water with their skin still on.

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