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Nessebar is a beautiful gem on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria. It is characterised by its rich history, golden sands, blue sea, jagged white rocks and picturesque old town. There is plenty to do in this resort for travellers of all varieties, from younger party people to families seeking a quiet retreat in the sun, there really is something for everyone here. 

Cheap holidays to Nessebar

Cheap holidays to the town of Nessebar in Bulgaria are already quite popular and it can be reached from most airports in the UK. There are direct flights to Bourgas, with the other resorts such as Nessebar being directly reachable from there. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site to compare cheap holidays from your local airport. Direct flights to Bourgas tend to be just under 4 hours. From Bourgas, Nessebar is just a short connection away. With just a little slice of patience, you can be soaking up the sun in this little paradise in no time!

Nessebar is at its most lively during the summer period that runs from Spring until Autumn. Temperatures tend to reach the high 20s throughout these summer months. Prices are usually a little bit cheaper outside of these months from Autumn to Spring as temperatures begin to drop off quite significantly. This off-season might be the ideal time to visit if you want to check out some of the hiking trails outside of the intense sun of summer. However, with much of this resort being purpose-built for new tourists, a visit during the summer months is definitely what we recommend. 

One of the best things to do here is to visit the Old Town. A trip to the town’s Archaeological Museum, a visit to some of the churches which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites or just enjoying a wander through the city streets are some of the most enriching things that you can do in the area. Younger people can enjoy a holiday where the days are spent at the beach and the nights are spent at some of the resort’s exciting bars and clubs. Other activities for everyone to enjoy include Turkish baths, swimming pools in most of the hotels and scuba diving by the beach.

There is a nice mix of accommodation options in the region, ranging from fancy all inclusive hotels to self-catered apartments to quiet bed & breakfasts. No matter your preferences or budget, you are bound to find something that suits you and your loved ones here in Nessebar. In terms of dining, the local cuisine is dominated by exquisite seafood so be sure to check out some of the local restaurants that will be more than happy to serve you some of their favourite dishes. Many restaurants also offer international choices if you have a specific preference or just want a taste of home while you are away!

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