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Kiten is a small town of around 1000 residents that sits at the south end of the bay of Primorsko. It is known for its sandy, golden beaches, safe waters, and for never being too overcrowded with tourists. It is a very popular destination with families in particular not just due to its safety, but also the welcoming nature of the locals and the surrounding facilities.

Holidays to Kiten

Holidays to Kiten are becoming increasingly popular and the region can be reached from most airports in the UK. There are direct flights to Bourgas and from there it is just under 60km to Kiten. Shuttle, taxi and car hire services are available to get you there. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site to see holidays from your local airport. Direct flights to Bourgas tend to be just under 4 hours. If your little ones can handle the slightly longer flight time, then Kiten is certainly worth the visit!

Kiten enjoys its busiest period during the ‘summer season’ which runs from Spring until Autumn. Temperatures tend to reach the high 20s throughout these summer months and as mentioned previously, this resort never gets too busy with tourists. Prices are usually cheaper outside of these months from Autumn to Spring as temperatures being to drop-off. However, there isn’t a load to do in Kiten in the winter months so a trip during the summer is definitely what we recommend.

The resort of Kiten is split between two main beaches: The north beach is smaller in size and is in a very sheltered spot with clean waters. It is slightly more difficult to reach but you will be rewarded with the peace that comes from the isolation. The south beach is larger and is where a mixture of tourists and locals tend to spend their summer days. The south beach is also enclosed by a fair amount of forest area which tends to provide some much needed shade from the sizzling sunshine.

Despite its smaller stature, Kiten actually boasts a very good selection of accommodation options. Budget hotels, quaint bed & breakfasts and private lodgings are all available in the local area, with the majority being very affordable. In terms of cuisine, there are many small restaurants and cafes dotted around the area, particularly by the beaches. These places specialise in a mixture of Bulgarian, Turkish, Greek and Russian food so there is plenty for you to try!

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