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A third of Generation Z want to travel alone

Chris Butler July 23rd, 2019 2,443 views

A new study from a major travel company has shown around a third of Generation Z, those between 16-24 years old, plan to travel alone within the next 10 years.

The desire for independence was a major factor in those surveyed's intention for solo travel; 33% of the participants would prefer to travel alone generally, while 18% wanted to take a gap year backpacking. A number of factors could be attributed to this desire, including the control over destinations and experiences solo travel can offer.

46% of those surveyed also suggested travelling with family members required them to moderate their behaviour. Although a high number of those enjoy the freedom away from family, 42% admitted family holidays allow them to take trips they wouldn't be able to afford. 

The influence of social media (Instagram in particular) is especially interesting on Gen Z's travel plans. 25% of those surveyed take over 50 photos a day when on holiday. It's safe to assume many of these will appear on Instagram, which makes sense that 40% of the survey said Instagram was the main source for travel inspiration.

Other interesting insights from the study revealed 30% want to study or work in a different country within the decade, and 65% ranked 'travel and seeing the world the most desirable thing to spend money on, ahead of higher education, saving for a deposit on a property and saving for retirement.

Admittedly, young people travelling the world is no new development. Taking 'gap years' has been a common thing for decades now, but this growing trend in solo travel asks a lot of questions about generational differences, shifting attitudes towards the world and the role technology plays in travel choices.

Have you ever travelled alone? If not, would you ever do it in the future? Let us know on Facebook.

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