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Where To Holiday In East Anglia

Daniel Riley June 17th, 2022 2,972 views

East Anglia
(East Anglia - Picture Credit Shutterstock)
East Anglia is a section of England that is bursting with culture, history and natural beauty. It is one of the best places in the UK to visit for adventures in forests, relaxing by beaches and stepping in the footsteps of Royals. Here are our top 5 best places to holiday in East Anglia…

The Broads National Park

The Broads is the youngest National Park in the country and is one of the gems of East Anglia. It features more than 125 miles of navigable waterways, making The Broads best explored by boat.

The National Park itself encompasses parts of both Norfolk and Suffolk and is a great place to not just visit but also to stay. There are plenty of outdoor activities to try, wildlife to spot and they even lead into Great Yarmouth: one of the best seaside resorts on the east coast. The Broads also feature the only city in England to reside in a national park, which we will get onto next…


Norwich is one of the largest cities in East Anglia and manages to preserve its historical and cultural past whilst also boasting many modern aspects too. It is England’s first UNESCO City of Literature and features a Norman cathedral, an imposing castle and Europe’s largest covered market.

If you head down to ‘The Lanes’ you will discover Norwich’s more contemporary and lively side with an abundance of trendy bars, restaurants, pubs and independent boutique shops. The city is perfect for a weekend away.

Norfolk’s Royal Coast

One of the most famous aspects of East Anglia is the stunning Royal Coast of Norfolk. Sandringham has been the Royal Family’s private Norfolk estate for more than 150 years, dating back to when Queen Victoria bought it. Sandringham is open to the public all year round except for Christmas and New Year when the Royal Family tends to occupy it.

The coast itself includes The Wash which is home to huge sandy beaches, tidal creeks, salt marshes and thousands of migrating geese over the winter months. It is also home to many small towns and villages with their own cosy pubs, shops and relaxing way of life.

Suffolk Coast

The Suffolk Coast refers to a 40-mile stretch of coastline in East Anglia which is home to a bustling community of both locals and tourists. There are an abundance of things to do along the coast including plenty of beaches, amusements, ice cream, water sports and beautiful views out to sea.

It has been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with plenty of bird-watching opportunities too. Some of our favourite little towns along this stretch of coast include Aldeburgh, Southwold and Thorpeness.

The Brecks

Rounding off our list is the beautiful and very unique destination of The Brecks. Located across the borders of both Norfolk and Suffolk, The Brecks feature heathland, prehistoric Pingo lakes and vast forests. One of the most famous is Thetford Forest which is a hub of outdoor adventure activities. Cycling, bird-watching, and high rope tackling are just some of the things on offer here.

Some other notable attractions in The Brecks include Oxborough Hall, a 15th century moated house run by the National Trust and Grime’s Graves, which mark Europe’s first industrial centre.

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