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What Is The Most Overrated Holiday Destination You've Been To

Daniel Riley March 15th, 2024 2,832 views

We asked our fans on Facebook "What is the most overrated holiday destination you've been to?" Some of their answers may SHOCK you!

1. Turkey

Olu Deniz, Turkey
With the highest number of votes on our Facebook page (5.2%), Turkey has been unofficially crowned as the king of overrated holiday destinations by CheekyTrip followers. Despite its high number of votes though, there were also others vehemently defending the destination, claiming that people simply did not stay in the correct place.

2. Dubai

Another highly overrated destination according to CheekyTrip followers (with 4.5% votes) is Dubai. People complain of the intense heat and not a load of things to do. One follower claimed that “It’s like a holiday in the Trafford Centre”. Not exactly a glistening review for the place.

3. Cape Verde

Cape Verde
Cape Verde is a destination that was mentioned a number of times but it also generated conflicted responses. Some followers (3.5%) of our Facebook pages claim “it’s very 80s” and “there’s not much there”. Others say it is one of the most beautiful places they have ever visited. Very controversial.

4. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Upvoted a massive 26 times on our page, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria doesn’t seem to go down well with a lot of our followers. A comment even went as far as saying “as someone born in the area I would never recommend this place to someone.” Yikes.

5. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas, USA
Perhaps unsurprisingly, Las Vegas makes the list with 2.8% of the votes. Whilst some people have had great holidays there, others reinforce the idea that it is a very overrated destination. One Facebook commenter described it as “a dump”. Another said “once you’ve seen one casino you seen them all”. As with most places it very much depends on where you stay, but Las Vegas did not receive dazzling reviews from our community.

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy
Venice was a destination that popped up a few times in the discussion. One commenter described it as “just one big maze”. It is quite tricky to navigate and outside of the main square, there isn’t a whole lot to see. It is for these reasons that Venice makes the list. 


One smart commenter mentioned Mars as overrated as it “Just had no atmosphere”. Technically, they’re not wrong! Something for you to definitely factor in the next time you are offered a trip there by SpaceX. 


An honourable mention is Bradford, which racked up a total of 2 mentions. We weren’t totally aware of Bradford having a strong reputation as a big holiday destination for it to then be considered overrated after visiting. But 2 people would disagree with us. Each to their own.

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