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Wanderlust - Top 10 Twitter Travel Accounts

Daniel Riley April 18th, 2017 1,451 views

Previously we've taken you through our top 10 travel Instagram accounts, but the wanderlust doesn't stop there! We have now compiled our favourite Twitter accounts, and they are arguably even bigger and better than the last ones! So what are you waiting for? Here are 10 twitter travel accounts to get your teeth stuck into.

Wanderlust - Top 10 Twitter Travel Accounts


View breathtaking images on your Twitter feed with this travel account. They post some of the best images from around the world and what's even better is that you can get involved! All images are fan-submitted, credited and sent out to their 20k followers!



Be sure to follow The Rebel Chick! She shares a whole host of great travel quotes partnered with images to match. If you're looking for your next holiday destination inspiration, then this account is a must-follow.



This travel twitter account is unique in the fact that it not only shares photos of our world, but also recommends current travel programmes! There is regular interaction with its followers and the account takes specific care when giving insight into places with regards to sustainability. Travel Companion is a breath of fresh air!



The Luxury Travel blog is a series of blogs posted to Twitter to give you recommendations, tips, advice and money saving options when visiting destinations all over the world. No matter where you're planning your next trip, this account is sure to have some ideas and tricks for you to dig into!



Travel Dudes is a fantastic account, backed by 262k followers! They introduce 'Travel Talk' where thought-provoking travel questions are posted by the community and are then answered by the community via the account. This gives unique insights into destinations and the best way to protect them from mass tourism. A very eye-opening account!



This travel blogger is one of the best out there. Originally from Australia, he has travelled all over the world, posting useful tips and guides to all of the places that he has been. He is currently in Italy, and has already covered extensively things like hiking and World Heritage Sites. Follow Michael on his next adventure!



Iain Mallory is another famous travel blogger with well over 100k followers. It is little wonder why with the scintillating imagery he captures whilst travelling. Not only this, but Iain also shares his experienced travel tips and regularly participates in the popular Twitter Travel Talk also. Well worth a follow!



This travel account does exactly what it says on the tin. It is dedicated to those travelling alone, with hints and tips best suited to them. However, many of the destinations and advice are also applicable to any number of travellers. Their page ranges from what to take when travelling, to what to see in various exotic locations. They are the 40k followers mark, you should be the next one!



Kate has been travelling for over 6 years has been to an astonishing 67 different countries! She posts incredible images from all over the world, first-hand from her own travels. Each post also comes with a brief description of the location to accompany the imagery. A must follow for all things wanderlust!



Last, but certainly not least, is yTravelBlog. Ever thought you need to do all of your travelling while you are young and then settle down and have kids later? Well think again. In what is an extremely inspiring travel account, experience the travels of Caz Craig Makepeace and co. as they venture from continent to continent making incredible memories. This is lifetime travel inspiration right here!

What is your favourite travel account on Twitter? Did we miss any that you LOVE? Let us know below or via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

All images provided by their respective twitter accounts.

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