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Travel insurance: best COVID-19 tips

Chris Butler July 15th, 2020 6,218 views

With travel to 66 countries deemed safe by the government (depending on where in the UK you live), now is a great time to look into your next holiday.

With a holiday you need travel insurance, but what that insurance will cover is still an unclear area. Here are some of our top tips when deciding what insurance to buy in a post-lockdown world...

Will I be covered for COVID-19?

The biggest question most travellers are asking right now is 'will I be covered for COVID-19?'. When the travel restrictions were lifted earlier this month, many insurance companies weren't covering for it. However, in recent days some agents have started to include it in their coverage in an attempt to encourage holidaymakers, with more expected to follow soon.

Other companies have started to cover you if you are turned away for a flight for having a high temperature despite not having a confirmed case of COVID-19. 

When enquiring, make sure you're checking there is coverage for: 
  • Medical coverage
  • Pandemic coverage
  • Pre-existing medical conditions coverage
  • “Cancel for any reason” coverage

Shop around

Advice we will always give to our customers - shop around. Prices will vary company to company - some cheaper than others - but always check what the insurance covers. What may look like a bargain could actually be missing one of the most important parts of the insurance coverage.

Remember to ask specific questions on what you will be covered for when you're enquiring, especially around the COVID-19 topic.

Check the extra fees

It's always been the case insurance companies will require you to pay some excess fees when taking out cover, but in light of the global pandemic, prices have gone up. 

Make sure you know what extra fees you'll have to pay. There'll likely be mandatory extra fees, especially if you're older or have underlying health problems.

Will I still be covered if there are changes to travel advice?

In the event the government advice on travel changes prior to or during your holiday, as long as you took out your cover before the change to advice your insurance policies will still be valid. 

Remember to keep a close eye on the Cheekytrip Facebook page for all the latest COVID-19 travel updates.

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