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Top 5 travel trends for 2020

Chris Butler January 29th, 2020 3,444 views

Trends continue to evolve across all industries, and travel is no exception. From veganism to cash-free travel, here are five of the top travel trends in 2020...

Vegan-friendly holidays

Coinciding with a growing trend towards more environmentally-friendly travel, 'vegan' holidays will continue to be more popular in 2020. The rise of veganism has been rapid over the last few years, particularly among younger generations, fuelling a demand for more vegan-friendly businesses' all over the world. This has seen an increase in hotels serving more and sometimes exclusively vegan dishes, to go with more vegan cafes and restaurants in holiday towns.

Shorter but more frequent trips

Though statistics show people want to travel more than ever before, due to demands at work and financial issues, it can sometimes be tricky to take long breaks away from the office. As a result, there has been a growing trend in taking shorter but more frequent trips throughout the year. From weekend city breaks in Europe to staycations in the UK, holidaymakers are now said to more trips than ever before. 

Cash-free travel

When the euro was introduced in 1999, the currency made travelling across Europe more convenient than ever. Convenience continues to shape new technologies, and so cash-free travelling is the natural progression in travel trends. Apps like Revolut allow you to change currencies from your phone and use virtual cards to book services. Banking apps like Monzo remove currency exchange charges and allow you to pay simply tapping your card, and can be used in hotels, restaurants and shops. 


Cornwall will be the most popular UK destination 

It is no secret staycations continue to grow in popularity - especially as shorter trips do too - and there is no shortage of beautiful cottages and lodges across the UK. New stats from the holiday cottage company Sykes Cottages suggest Cornwall will be the most popular destination in the UK in 2020. It is no surprise too, as the area has some of the best beaches and quaint towns around. Here are some of the best properties avaialble now.

Healing and wellness holidays

Feeling 'burned out' has become a prominent phrase in the modern world of incessant work, and so the popularity of healing and wellness holidays have grown hugely. Holiday resorts/retreats offering meditation classes, spa treatments and outdoor activities help travellers to recharge batteries and detoxify, away from the pressures many people face in day to day work. Retreats can be found all over the world, from South East Asia to Scotland. 


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