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Top 10 Instagram Travel Accounts

Daniel Riley February 27th, 2017 1,671 views

Instagram is a booming social platform where users share their photos and videos with the world. Due to the visual and experience-based nature of traveling, there are thousands upon thousands of photos and videos out there of people's pictures and journeys from around the world. Thankfully, there are dedicated accounts where the best of these are put together. From travel quotes, to images, to travel blogging, today we rank the top 10 travel accounts that you need to follow.

Travel and Leisure (@travelandleisure)

Travel and Leisure

An account which boasts some breathtaking photography from locations all over the world. From animals to monuments to mountains, this account really does capture the amazing sights you can see whilst traveling. It really is no wonder that they already have 2.5m followers!

World Travel Bloggers (@travelbloggeres)

World Travel Bloggers

This account is entirely follower-based, followers submit their amazing pictures from their travels and then feature on the main page. Each picture contains a travel quote or description which is also translated into Spanish!

Travel With Us (@travelingpost)

Travel With Us

Another account where fans send in their pictures from around the world to be featured. The variety of images on this account is incredible. From the white beaches of Cape Town to stunning waterfalls in the Philippines. This page has 280,000 followers, and you should be next!

Travel Writer Angie (@travel_moment)

Travel Writer Angie

Follow Angie on her journey across the globe. This travel blogging account offers an exciting alternative to just reading about all of the amazing places that the world has to offer. Angie has taken some great pictures so far in the 18 countries she has visited, make sure you are there for the 19th!

The Travel Bible (@_travelbible)

The Travel Bible

The Travel Bible is another fantastic account which compiles some of the best images from all over the world. From sunsets over Manhattan to dusk in snowy Canada, this page is sure to ignite your travel spark!

Travel Goalz (@travelgoalz)

Travel Goalz

With over 100,000 travel followers, Travel Goalz is an account which brings you images that help to really appreciate the stunning world in which we live. It focuses mainly on tropical climates and is sure to motivate you to save for that next big holiday in the sun.

Away and Abroad (@awayandabroad)

Away and Abroad

If you are less interested in generic pictures and prefer ones with a person and story behind them, then this is the perfect account. Follow this travel blogger around the world as he travels from continent to continent, lands urban and rural.

Travel Quotes (@travel.quotes)

Travel Quotes

Travel Quotes is a unique account to the rest which does exactly what it says on the tin. Find some much needed travel inspiration here with plenty of deep and meaningful quotes on top of a backdrop of more amazing views.

Wanderlust Bee (@wanderlustbee_)

Wanderlust Bee

Follow travel blogger and food lover Bethan on her adventures around the world. Her fantastic pictures are certainly worth viewing. Her blog page is also extremely popular with over 1000 followers. Her next trip is to Latvia, don't miss it!

Wanderlust Fest (@wanderlustfest)

Wanderlust Fest

If you're on the hunt for a mindful, fulfilling life, then Wanderlust Fest is the exact page to start. Each picture is of the very highest quality and captures perfectly what it means to be out enjoying yourself in the world. A lot of the images are nature-based which is a very refreshing shift away from the busy city views we're used to!

Do you follow any of these great accounts? Have another one which you would like to share?

Let us know below or via our Instagram fan page .

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