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Summer Holidays - The Great Staycation

Ian Raine April 07th, 2021 10,401 views

As much as us Brits love to travel abroad, our eyes have once again been reopened to just how incredible the UK is for its diverse range of staycation hotspots and variety of getaways. Despite being small in territory, there is so much to do and see across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that many of us often miss when we are seeking holidays abroad.

Incredible city breaks to the likes of London and Manchester, exciting outdoor excursions to the Cotswolds and Lake District, lively theme parks including Alton Towers and Flamingo Land, rich history in Northern Ireland and Northumberland and much more, the UK really has it all. Here are the benefits of all types of UK summer holidays...


UK Holiday Leisure Parks & Attractions

Ever miss the times when you used to spend at leisure parks as a kid having fun without a care in the world? Leisure parks and lively caravan sites are making a strong comeback and they are just waiting for you and your family to make some great memories. Leisure parks have something to keep everyone entertained with playgrounds, multi-sport facilities, restaurants, bars and even watersports in some places. For a weekend or even full-week away, expect an action-packed time in one of the UK’s many leisure parks.

Other attractions that fall into this category include theme parks and theatres which provide their own entertainment in unique ways. Up and down the country you will find theme parks that cater to all ages and provide an exhilarating day out for the whole family. Theatres are a great way to see both classic and newly-released plays that are sure to make you laugh, cry and enjoy the tales of old and new.


UK Hot Tub Breaks

The benefits of a hot tub break don’t need to be spelled out too much - who doesn’t love relaxing in a hot tub? Whether it’s in your own hot tub with a glass of wine or it's a hot tub as part of a luxury leisure facility fitted with swimming pools and saunas, any hot tub break is a great break.

You can find hot tub breaks up and down the country, with many cosy cottages and glamping spots providing guests with their own private indoor or outdoor hot tub. Sitting in a hot tub under the stars or in the middle of a rainstorm are just as incredible in their unique ways.


UK Hotel Breaks

Hotel Break
Hotel breaks are in abundance across the UK and the benefits of a Hotel Break are numerous too. Having your own room with the option of room service, a hotel bar & restaurant and other facilities makes any trip away as comfortable as can be. What’s more, most UK Hotel Breaks can be found in and around major cities, so you have a base right on the doorstep of everything that the city has to offer.

Hotel breaks are some of the most relaxing and enjoyable stays that you can have and they don’t just feature in major cities but in seaside resorts and more remote locations too.


UK Luxury Breaks

Luxury breaks are the perfect way to spend a bit of hard-earned cash and to truly kick back, relax and enjoy a good pampering. With a luxury break, almost everything is taken care of for you including access to the finest meals, the swankiest facilities and of course, the grandest rooms.

These types of breaks are known for transporting guests from stress to heaven in a short amount of time. Although pricier than most other holidays, you truly get what you pay for with a luxury break and there are hundreds of destinations all over the UK that are ready to treat you like royalty.


UK Pet-Friendly Cottage Breaks

Anyone with a pet will know the struggle of wanting a trip away with friends, family or a loved one only to be tied down by the responsibilities of their furry (or non-furry) friend. The huge benefit of pet-friendly cottage breaks is exactly what it says on the tin: you get to bring your pet with you.

These places usually go above and beyond for your pets too, with many places offering treats and special facilities and amenities for your pet. With the difficulties of bringing a pet abroad and the heart-break of leaving them behind, pet-friendly cottage breaks are a superb solution.


UK Spa Breaks

Spa Breaks
Spa Breaks are the ideal getaway for those looking for some serious chill-time without breaking the bank. The benefits of spa breaks are numerous and most people know what they are getting when they book them: relaxation and bliss. Most spa destinations also offer massages, manicures, pedicures, swimming and sauna facilities so you can truly go all-in with the relaxing if you want to.

Spa Breaks are available all over and most towns and cities have at least one, so there is the added bonus of not having to travel too far for one of these, no matter where you live in the UK.

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