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The five best Family ski resorts across Europe

Chris Butler November 13th, 2019 4,105 views

Europe has some of the best ski resorts across the world, including areas in the Alps to the Pyrenees. Here are five of the best family-friendly resorts, perfect for beginners...

Flaine, France 

Found in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps, Flaine is often known as the "big snowy bowl" due to its high snow level records. The ski area is one of the biggest in France, catering to all levels of ability. Away from the mountains, the resort has a unique feel, as it was designed by the Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer, who included an art gallery and library in the design along with the usual skiing facilities. 

La Rosiere France

Set next to the France/Italy border in the northern region of the Vanoise National Park, La Rosiere is one the longest-running ski resorts in France, and it's still one of the best. The ski routes here are fairly easy for beginners due to its south-facing slopes, but the area has a great range of slopes for all level. Remember, you could even ski over the border into Italy and grab some pasta for lunch!

Soldeu, Andorra

Located in the Pyrenees Mountain range of Andorra, Soldeu is a great ski resort, with plenty of well-priced bars and restaurants throughout the town. The skiing area is vast, with great routes suitable for beginners up to experienced skiers, and all are well linked up by lifts and runs. You can get access to over 200km of piste, and you can even get free lift passes for up to 11 kids!

Soll, Austria 

The village of Soll - which is set at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser Mountains - has some amazing ski areas like SkiWelt, which is a great resort for beginners. You can then progress to more advanced areas like Kitzbühel and Waidring, which are both within reach of the resort. Be sure to check the snow forecasts before you book though, the area can sometimes lack perfect conditions due to its low altitude. 

Saas-Fee Switzerland

In the south of Switzerland near the Swiss-Italy border, you'll find Saas-Fee, which is one of the country's best ski resorts. Set in one of the highest parts of the Alps, known as The Pearl of the Alps, the area has 13 peaks covering 4000m, where you'll find amazing skiing conditions. The village is home to charming new chalets, and there are plenty of buses and hotel vehicle's to get travellers around to the mountains. 

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