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Size Matters On The High Seas...

Paige May 17th, 2016 1,501 views

Royal Caribbean have been hard at work to create the world's largest cruise ship to date! the 18 deck Harmony of the Seas can carry 6,780 guests and 2,100 crew! To put it into perspective for you the ship is three times longer than the height of Big Ben!

Harmony Experience Slides

There are 23 swimming pools, 20 dining facilities and a park which contains 10,587 plants, 48 vine plants and 52 trees on board.

Bionic Bar One

The Bionic Bar where guests can order their drinks and watch as a robot bartender crafts their concotion from a range of spirits and mixers.

Splash Away

The ship features child friendly waterpark, a trio of 3 story high slides, on board surfing and 10-story slide that has a 100 foot plunge!

There is so much to the Harmony of the Seas that we just couldn't mention it all in one blog post, but tell us below what your thoughts are on the gigantic ship or go over to our Facebook and tell us whether or not if you would hop aboard!

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