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Santorini's Most Instagrammed Spots

Daniel Riley July 11th, 2018 2,891 views

Before we begin, I must say that pretty much all of Santorini is 'instagrammable'. With stunning views over the Aegean sea, volcanic bays and gleaming white villages, wherever you turn there is a picture-perfect spot. People don't just flock to Santorini for the gorgeous scenery but also for the fantastic climate all year round and to sample the exquisite Greek cuisine.

The island has a rich history largely centred around the great forces of nature. It fell victim to a monstrous volcanic eruption in around 1500 BC with remnants of the volcanic activity still evident today. Volcanic calderas, the varying types of beaches and the very island itself are all a subtle reminder of nature's power. These days there sits a very humble, picturesque island which is extremely accessible via most major cruise lines such as MSC, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruises.

With all that said, let's get back to those Instagram pics...

Oia Castle


Arguably the most iconic photo of the whole island, the view from Oia Castle on to the surrounding villages is a sight to behold. Try and arrive at sunrise or sunset for the best pictures but the views during the day aren't too bad either. Oia Castle itself is also not a sight to be missed.

Oia Blue Domes


The distinctive blue-painted domes in Oia distinguish Santorini from any other sun and sea photo out there. With a back drop of massive cliffs, deep-blue sea and white-washed houses, the baby blue domes provide an incredible contrast and create a photo definitely worthy of the 'gram.

Red Beach


The red beach in Santorini is a very unique sight indeed. The coarse red sand isn't the only photo spot here either, with towering cliffs on either side with a similar hue and of course a beautiful bay which just puts the icing on the cake.

Black Beach


In similar fashion to the red beach, the black beach is also a very 'instagrammable' spot in its own right. The dark sand contrasts the very white and bright island of Santorini which makes for some very professional-looking and envy-inducing photos.



Image via: TheFoodCurators

Lolita's just simply had to make this list. The quaint little 'gelato' stop provides some of the tastiest and most refreshing ice cream on the whole island. Hold that ice cream up against the very quirky 'Lolita's' sign and you are on for a winner.



Situated right between the towns of aforementioned Oia and Fira lies the picture-perfect town of Imerovigli. This is the number one place on the whole island to not only watch the cruise ships coming and going but to grab the perfect sunset snap.

Oia Cross


No list would be complete without the iconic Oia Cross. The cross and bell tower are not only the postcard picture of Santorini but as you can see above, aren't accompanied by a bad background either. When you arrive at your last evening, we recommend this spot to take a physical and mental picture and just soak it all in...

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