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Monthly Holiday Price Index - January 2024

Ian Raine March 15th, 2024 682 views

Holiday Prices Drop in January 2024

January saw the typical price of a holiday fall by over -7% compared to January 2023. Last minute deals and holidays travelling in 6 months all fell in price by around -5% on average. However, after last January saw big price increases due to the COVID bounce back,  prices have not returned to the lower levels of 2020, 2021, or 2022. 

All Destinations Graph January 2024
All Destinations January Yearly Price Comparison. Picture Credit: Cheekytrip

Every month, Cheeky Trip analyses over 66 million holiday prices and compare them to previous years. This analysis found that the price of long and medium haul holidays to destinations fell the most in January – by -19.5% on average. Holidays to the Caribbean increased slightly by nearly +2%, while prices to other destinations fell: Egypt by -35%, Cape Verde by -45%, and Mexico by -17%.

Short Haul Graph January 2024
Short Haul January Yearly Price Comparison. Picture Credit: Cheekytrip

Holidays to popular short haul destinations also fell in price - by -10% on average compared to January 2023. Holidays to Turkey saw the biggest price drop of over -19%, closely followed by Greece at -16%, Malta at -16%, Cyprus at -14%, and Bulgaria at -13%. Holidays to Portugal increase in price slightly by +2.7%, while prices to Spanish destinations fell slightly (-3-5%).

Long Haul Graph January 2024
Long Haul January Yearly Price Comparison. Picture Credit: Cheekytrip

“This month’s holiday price index is really interesting,” says Steve Campion, Managing Director at Cheeky Trip. “The fall in prices compared to last January could be an indicator that suppliers have increased capacity and have seats to fill. If this is the case, there could be some great opportunities for holidaymakers to grab a bargain this year,” continues Steve.

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