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Interesting Facts about the Lake District

Daniel Riley April 04th, 2022 3,794 views

Photo Credit: Ian Raine

The Lake District is one of the most stunning destinations in the UK. It has long been a favourite with families, couples, friends and solo travellers due to the wide range of things to do and see all over the national park. Fun outdoor activities, water sports, hiking, biking, pub crawling and romantic retreats are just some of the incredible things on offer here. Almost everyone knows about the Lake District, but only a few are aware of some of these interesting facts about the place…

The Lake District is home to the highest mountain in England

Standing at 3210ft tall, Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in the whole of England and it resides in the beautiful Lake District. The mountain was formed over 450 million years ago and on a clear day, you can see other peaks in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and even as far as the Isle of Man! It is definitely for the more experienced hiker so make sure that you pack all of the correct gear!

There is only one lake in the Lake District

Wait, what do you mean?!

This is a pub quiz classic as technically, there is only one real ‘lake’ in the whole of the Lake District. Bassenthwaite Lake, situated in the north of the region near Keswick, is the only one that is actually a lake. The others all include alternative names for a body of water within their title, such as a ‘mere’ (Buttermere for example, or even the largest and most well-known, Windermere), or a ‘water’ (as in Ullswater). So even though it is often referred to as The Lakes, technically there is only one!

There are Four Michelin-Star Restaurants in The Lake District

Even though the Lake District might be famous for its Cumberland Sausages and delicious pub grub, there are still plenty of opportunities for fine-dining where you wouldn’t necessarily think of looking. The four chosen locations make up half of the Michelin-Star locations in the north-west (matching the likes of Manchester and Liverpool combined)!

The restaurants are L’Enclume (in Cartmel), Forest Side (Grasmere), Gilpin Hotel and Lakehouse and The Samling. The latter two are both situated in Windermere, the most popular tourist destination in the Lake District so you can usually find great accommodation and other things to do nearby.

Windermere is the biggest body of water in England

This is an outstanding fact to know just on its own. It is the largest not just of the ‘lakes’ but of any body of water in the whole of England. It makes seeing, swimming or sailing on its waters just that bit more special!

But do you know how much water Windermere actually holds? 300 billion litres! The Lake was formed around 13,000 years ago during the last Ice Age when two glaciers melted, the water in Windermere was retained by the rock material that the glaciers deposited.

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