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Going abroad vs Staying in the UK, which is best for you?

Daniel Campion May 16th, 2016 4,075 views

Can't decide whether to holiday at home or abroad this year? Don't worry, here is everything you should know about both options before making your decision. Luckily for you, both have the potential to be an unforgettable holiday.

UK Holidays

UK Coast line

The United Kingdom receives more than 30 million tourists a year, ranking it in the top 10 most visited countries in the whole world! Here are just a few of the benefits to taking a holiday in the UK:

  • Queueing and waiting is unavoidable if you travel abroad, and delays are not uncommon. A Holiday in the UK will allow you to avoid a large chunk of the time taken up by travelling.
  • Travelling abroad brings with it the hassle of organising tickets, passports, restricted baggage weight and charges. Holidays in the UK are much simpler without these fusses.
  • Visiting a foreign country means converting currencies, which due to exchange rates often means you will lose money in the new currency. Not only that, but you are limited to a budget and have to watch your spendings.
  • Another issue people have when travelling abroad is transport. Renting a car abroad can be expensive, and not knowing the area well can make bus and train travel awkward. Getting around in the UK is much easier with access to your own car, as well as being more familiar with the are.
  • The UK is certainly not short of beautiful sights. From the picturesque beaches from Northumberland to Dover and astounding castles from hundreds of years ago, If you know where to look the UK offers some stunning sights.
  • It's no secret that British weather can be often be less than desirable, luckily there is a whole host of indoor activities for the whole family on a rainy day.

Travelling Abroad

Tropical beach

If you desire something more exotic on your holiday, then the only sensible option is to travel abroad. Along With hundreds of destinations all with different climates, cultures and sights to see, here are some of the other advantages of travelling away from the UK:

  • Weather abroad you can often find will be better than that in the UK. Even close by countries like Spain and Portugal have great weather all year round.
  • If you have been somewhere along time it becomes very familiar, so seeing a completely different culture or lifestyle can be invigorating and a great reason to visit different countries abroad.
  • If you are a fan of interesting foods then travelling abroad is a great way to experience new dishes. Even in close by France it is not uncommon to find strange things such as frogs and snails on the menu!
  • Meeting locals can be a great activity on holiday, learning of the differences in the way you and they live is a real eye opener. Luckily many people around Europe can speak good English, so the language barrier is not a problem. Unfortunately the same can not be said for our friends in the East, where English is spoken less commonly.
  • Water parks! Unluckily our British weather makes outdoor water parks few and far between. Meanwhile Europe and the rest of the world has no shortage of these brilliant attractions.
  • Sightseeing is something we all love to do, and going abroad only makes this even better! Every place in the world is completely unique in its architecture, history and landscape, making every sightseeing trip great in its own way!

Our Cheeky Tip!

Set your criteria and budget and then research and compare the costs of both UK & overseas holidays, remember travelling mid-week can save you money! Also be flexible and look at school holiday dates around the UK, for example if you live in the North East of England it may be worth flying from Scotland as the  kids may be back at school.

Do you prefer a holiday in the UK or abroad, or both? Let us know over on our Facebook page!

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