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Egg-Cellent Easter Activities Around the Globe

Daniel Riley April 10th, 2017 3,416 views

The Easter holidays are upon us once again. 2017 is moving at a frightening pace and one of the biggest Christian celebrations of the year is right around the corner. Although everyone is celebrating the same event, the way people go about it around the world is very different. Today we bring you the whacky and wonderful activities from around the globe. From Easter Egg hunts to colourful kites, you're in for a chocolaty treat.

Scoppio del Carro - Florence, Italy


The Easter celebration is Italy is one of the grandest and most exciting in the world. A giant, decorated cart is wheeled through the city by two white oxen all of the way to the Cathedral. After the procession, the festivities begin with a dove shaped rocket being fired into the cart. This ignites a spectacular fireworks display from the cart which is not to be missed!

Easter Egg Hunts - DisneyWorld Resorts


With Easter Egg hunts being common practice in many parts of the world, we thought we'd select just the one for this list, and the hunts at Disney are certainly some of the most magical out there. Explore the theme-parks in ways you've never done before and collect all of the Disney themed eggs for prizes. Some of these unique eggs are even available for purchase. and many of the Disney parks also offer the chance to meet the Easter Bunny!

Easter Witches - Sweden


The Easter tradition of witches in Sweden is a lot different to many of the celebrations we're used to. Kids get dressed up in rags and long clothes, colourful headscarves and paint their cheeks red to look like 'witches'. They then ignite their creative sides by going door-to-door, hoping to exchange their drawings and painting for some sweet treats!

Semana Santa - Sevilla, Spain


Holy Week, or 'Semana Santa' in Spain, is an extremely important week in the Catholic country's calendar, and this is reflected by their huge celebrations. This is particularly true for Sevilla, where large floats flood the streets with religious figures and imagery. One of the more intriguing sights that you are likely to see are the nazarenos. These cloaked figures are very distinctive and their cone-shaped hats supposedly symbolise the ascension to heaven.

Kite-Flying - Bermuda


One of the most exotic locations on our list is Bermuda, and they certainly have the extravagant Easter activities to match. On Good Friday, looking over the island you'll see the sky full of beautifully decorated kites. This tradition is believed to have originated when a British school teacher made a kite to explain Christ's ascension to his young students. Since then, the tradition has become a phenomenon on the island!

What activities do you have planned for Easter? Are they weird and wonderful like the ones we've shortlisted? Let us know below or via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Images via DisneyParks, Skyscanner, ytravelblog, VisitFlorence, Static Student

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