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Cheekytrip Reviews: Tenerife

Reece Cowan January 17th, 2020 4,121 views

The largest and most populated island of the eight canary islands, Tenerife is one of the few places where the sun shines all year long, and shine brightly it will. The temperature on the island reaches an average of 24.3°C. 

Tenerife's Beautiful Architecture 

Tenerife Auditorium is located on the waterfront of the southern part of the Port Cruz de Tenerife and is a must-see! The Auditorium was built by famous architect Santiago Calatrava and truly embodies the beauty of Tenerife. It is seen as a centrepiece for all that is good about Tenerife. The Tenerife Auditorium arts venue hosts the best musicians from across the world and is a must-see when visiting Tenerife. Iglesia de la Concepción is located in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and represents the history of Tenerife as the Island began work on the church in 1500 as a dedication to the immaculate conception of the virgin Mary. The church features the beautiful architectural style of baroque and Tuscan. The church is most recognisable due to the bell tower in which makes the church declarable to be a site of cultural interest.

Tenerife Beaches

Playa de las Teresitas, Santa Cruz is a man-made beach showcasing everything good about Tenerife, the golden sand, the calm turquoise water and the palm trees making the perfect setting to indulge in the Spanish sunshine. This area doesn't just take host this beautiful beach, but also a pretty fishing village next door. The Santa Cruz vibe of this area is perfect for those seeking a more spacious and picturesque vibe. Playa las Vistas, Los Cristianos should also be considered. For those looking for a quieter, more tranquil beach day, look no further than the playa las vistas beach! Space is no issue here with the golden sand covering almost 700m. The beach is divided into two bays allowing accessibility for young and old and is connected by the beautiful promenade which offers everything you could possibly want, from restaurants and bars to even a shopping centre this beach offers everything you could ever want from a beach. 


One of the most vastly underrated aspects to Tenerife is the diversification. The Island is truly open to all, with the common perception of the Island being home to solely sun soakers couldn't being further from the truth. Nature and wildlife reserves of the Canary Islands are truly spectacular with people from across the globe coming to visit the beautiful green lands and in particular the Mercedes Forest at the Anaga Mountains. These beautiful lands provide the perfect setting for those wanting a scenic walk. The sea of clouds should be top of the bucket list for those visiting Tenerife, The still clouds laying upon the turquoise Tenerife water is a beautiful sight to behold and is a worthy reward for those climbing Mount Teide. The open lands of Tenerife are the perfect setting for stargazing with Tenerife's proximity to the equator and the low light pollution being the perfect combination for seeing the beautiful starry night.

Tenerife's Carnival

Tenerife is home to the second-largest carnival in the world, Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The carnival is held in February and opens its doors to an excess of 250,000 people, with people flooding in from across the world to visit the beautiful capital of Tenerife. The carnival is open to all with people, young and old, getting amongst the action, including dance competitions and even the crowing of the carnival queen. The carnival is split into two parts the "official" carnival as well as the "street carnival", the first featuring a primarily music-based theme and the latter is where you will find people enjoying a more impromptu carnival experience. The carnival is also perfect for a stag do, with the carnival being the perfect centrepeice for wedding celebrations. The Motto of the carnival "no two carnivals are equal" could not be truer and epitomizes the beauty of the carnival. Although the carnival is not the biggest in the world, it certainly is the best.

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