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Cheekytrip Reviews: Madeira

Reece Cowan February 17th, 2020 4,249 views

In the middle of the Atlantic sea is where you will find the beautiful island of Madeira. The home to natural beauty, Madeira really is an eye catcher with the beautiful turquoise water being the perfect backdrop to the exotic colours of the flowers. 

The Beauty 


Known as Portugal’s "pearl of the Atlantic", Madeira is the centrepiece of Portugal with its natural looks being unrivalled across the country. Madeira really has it all in terms of aesthetics, from the stunning Lava bathing pools of Porto Moniz to the exciting hiking opportunities in the mountainous countryside. To highlight the beauty of the island we will be showing you the top travels tips for Madeira, highlighting some top destinations, as well as some hidden secrets that are an absolute must!

Plunge into The Black Lava Pools, a once in a lifetime opportunity and a must-do on this list; these natural and very well-known swimming pools are located in the Western part of the bay and have been facilitated with concrete walls to accommodate those wanting to swim. The pools are open all year long and are essential when wanting to see the beauty of Madeira, it has turned into one of the world’s most obscure places to take a dip. The notorious Kings Levada is up next, this is without question *the* Levada to see in Madeira. Here, a spectacular trail waits in the Laurissilva forest, where you can enjoy the vegetation of this UNESCO natural heritage. Finally, we'll take a dive into a secret location for those wanting to experience something different and unique, visit the village of Curral das Freiras. This village is hidden away in jagged and rocky mountains but is perfect for those wanting to capture the real Madeira beauty. This small parish is nestled between two almost-perpendicular mountains but offers up the opportunity to see the breathtaking views offered up by both Eira do Serrado and Paredão.

Farmers markets


The famers markets - dotted all around Madeira - are great in Madeira, due to the islands incredible weather. From the vibrant flower sellers to the machete-wielding fish merchants slicing beautiful fresh fish caught that morning. For fruit lovers out there, the islands bananas are packed full of flavour and perfectly stand with the vibrant variety of fruit on offer! Mercado dos Lavradores is always a must-see, where you can enjoy a beautiful seafood arrangement with amazing flower details across the market to enhance the vivid colours the seafood has to offer. The market opened in 1940 and has been a huge success ever since with thousands of tourists coming every year with this market being the #1 choice on their bucket list. The market is open Monday to Thursday, selling only the freshest food. The Santo da Serra market is a great supplement for those wanting to experience the market life.

Madeira Flower Festival 


Madeira Flower Festival is the treasure of Madeira, with the festival being honoured and talked in the same breath as the biggest celebrations the world has to offer. It is held in springtime to honour the flowers in its exuberant state. The festivities start on a Saturday in which thousands rush to the island wearing the appropriate wear to take part in the building of a mural of flowers. The mural, the wall of hope is done by the children of the island to show the true innocence of childhood, the flowers in this circumstance
represent the delicacy of the flowers themselves and all in all is set to achieve true innocence.

Climb over Clouds

To be literally on top of Madeira, Pico Ruivo is a must-see. Looking down at the stunning landscape and mountains around you while being able to look down into the clouds creeping into the valleys. This once in a lifetime experience is almost overlooked when considering activates to do in Madeira and should definitely be creeping towards the top of your to-do list. Pico Rive is the highest peak in Madeira and can only be reached by foot, the peak can only be accessed by very few trails, and the Achada do Teixeira or the much more strenuous, Pico de Arieiro. Although this is the stand out hiking experience there are many others that can accommodate those hiking needs. For example, the Miradouros do Paredao is a beautiful climb, providing stunning 360' views after a picturesque drive, and perfectly reflects what Madeira is all about.

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