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Budget Travelling: Rome

Daniel Riley March 21st, 2017 1,516 views

It is said that Rome wasn't built in a day, and with so many amazing sights with such deep-rooted European history, it is little wonder that this was once the base of a huge empire. Due to the historical magnitude of Rome, prices when visiting can also follow a similarly large suit. This is not the case however if you know a few nifty tricks to keep prices low and wanderlust high. Today we take you through a guide which will help you to maximise your adventure to Rome, whilst keeping prices low.

Move Smart


Rome's metropolitan area is massive, but fortunately many of the main sights are within walking distance from each other. The majority of the streets of Rome are pedestrian-friendly and make for very pleasant travelling indeed. If you are staying outside the centre, it is advised to use Rome's very efficient and reliable local transport system. This includes local buses and a tube system that goes right into the centre. It is best to avoid the tourist transport services which are far more expensive.

Eat Smart


As with most tourist destinations around the world, knowing where and where not to eat to save some cash can be really important. If you find yourself sat next to The Colosseum or at a restaurant just outside the Vatican City, chances are that they are going to cost much more than they should. Look for smaller restaurants away from tourist destinations in order to save. Another key point to remember is that if the street menu contains pictures, it is aimed at non-natives and will most likely rip you off!

Drink Smart


When you're walking around Rome, particularly in summer, keep an eye out for the Nasoni drinking fountains. These are public water fountains around the city that constantly supply clean, cool, free drinking water to anyone that wants to use them. Apps have even been developed to help you locate the nearest fountain! So grab a water bottle or a big mouthful and fill your boots. Rome's summers get very hot and you don't want to be constantly paying a couple of euros for some bottled water from a cafe.

Plan Smart


With Rome being such a large city containing a vast amount of sights to be seen, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and rushed to do everything. It is highly recommended to select the key sights that you want to see, and then spend the rest of your time soaking in the incredible buzz and atmosphere of the ancient city. It is also worth researching a bit into each sight in advance, as you will pick up useful information. For example, the Castel Sant'Angelo, the former fortress to defend the Pope, has free admission on Sundays!

Sleep Smart


Like most major cities, Rome's accommodation ranges from extremely expensive to very reasonable - if you know where to look. As with other European cities, if you're looking to save, hostels can't be recommended enough. Even if you aren't comfortable with sharing with strangers, Blue Hostel is one of a few that actually offers private rooms for a very good price. If you can afford to stretch your budget out a little, apartments are what you should go for, with hotels being last on the list for bang for your buck.

Book Smart


This category applies to all aspects that we have already seen. Booking your accommodation in advance will make it cheaper. Booking online to tour the The Colosseum or The Vatican will not only save you long queues, but also money. There are even transport passes that you can book if you are planning to stay in Rome a little longer. It was also said that all roads lead to Rome, now it's time for you start on that road and start planning your budget holiday! Head over to Cheekytrip where you can bag 3 nights in Rome including flights & hotel from just £89pp!!

Have you managed to do Rome on a budget? Have any tips or tricks you would like to share? Let us know below or via our Facebook and Twitter pages.
Photos via: Life In Italy, The Most Perfect View

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