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Balearics ban pub crawls and ‘party boats’

Chris Butler January 17th, 2020 3,511 views

The travel news website Travel Weekly has reported the Balearic Islands government will clamp down on tourist drinking across the islands, which includes the ban of pub crawls and new licenses for 'party boats'.

Along with bans to pub crawls and party boats, the new rules will see fines of between €60,000 and €600,000 given to any business that promotes the sale of 2-for-1 and happy hour offers, along with after hour alcohol sales.

The new laws will be valid for up to five years and will cover tourist hotspots in Ibiza and Magaluf. This development is a major move in the attempt to curb tourist anti-social behaviour at the islands' party destinations, which has said to have been detrimentally impacting the levels of family-tourism and the experience for locals.

The Balearic government has said the new rules aim to “create a more sustainable and respectful tourism model”, both in terms of “the environment, the quality of life for residents and the visitor experience”.

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