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Balearic all-inclusive alcohol ban - is it right?

Chris Butler March 25th, 2019 5,160 views

In 2020, the Balearic Islands plan to ban unlimited alcohol in all-inclusive holiday resorts across the islands.  Balearic authorities aim to reduce excessive drinking and antisocial behaviour, but Abta is not convinced it's the right move to make.

Abta's Nikki White believes the ban's potentially harmful impact on tourism volumes would outweigh the proposal's hopes of reducing antisocial behaviour. 
White said “This proposal is misguided…it targets the wrong market. Typically, all-inclusive customers in the Balearics are not 22-year-olds, but families who appreciate the convenience and ability to control budgets. Restricting their choices may drive families elsewhere.”


There is no denying there are some levels of truth to the 'Brits abroad' stereotype. In 2017, arrests for British drunken air passengers increased by 50%, with subsequent measures put in place by airports and airlines to limit antisocial behaviour on flights.  Along with the problems in the air, the Balearic resort of Magaluf has had plenty of difficulties with tourists for a number of years, and last summer, authorities had to put up signs warning visitors against drinking alcohol on the streets, stripping off, fighting and even defecating.

Despite attempts to curb the aforementioned problems, recent trends suggest millennials are, generally, no longer drinking as much anyway. Young holidaymakers are saving up their money and taking more adventurous, long-haul holidays to the likes of the far east, Australia and South America, along with more city breaks in Europe.

If these trends continue to grow, a natural decline in antisocial behaviour in the likes of Magaluf could likely transpire, making the proposed all-inclusive alcohol ban unnecessary. It seems avoiding the ban is the best scenario all-round, which would remove the risk of isolating a core sect of the Balearic Island's market.


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