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72 Hours In Rome

Daniel Campion December 21st, 2016 1,264 views

Rome is an ancient city being founded over 2600 years ago. Amazingly many of the structures built still remain, some completely intact. Rome also houses The Vatican City, the religious centre for Catholicism housing the breathtaking Sistine Chapel and St. Peters Basilica. With so much to see we've narrowed down the must-see areas of the huge city, perfect for filling up a short break.

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The Colosseum

One of the most impressive historical sites in the world, the Colosseum is the largest of its kind. Thanks to recent cleaning the Colosseum remains almost perfectly in-tact as though it had only been built yesterday. A tour of the huge stadium is well worth the price, however, book tickets in advance to miss the large queues.


Roman forum

Once the centrepiece of Roman culture, the Roman forum boasts impressive ruins as well as preserved buildings from the Roman empire. Visit the Palatine Hill for an impressive view of the whole area. We recommend a tour of the area to learn all the rich history of the area.


The Parthenon

By far the most interesting building in Rome, the Parthenon has some of the most unique architecture of the ancient era. It remains to this day the largest unsupported dome in the world, and we still have no idea how it was built! Despite its age, the Parthenon continues to be used to this day and as such has been well preserved.


Vatican City

Another must visit part of Rome, Vatican City is one of the most popular tourist destinations, with many travelling just to see the famous area. Vatican city houses some of the world's most important artwork and sculptures. In particular, the Sistine Chapel ceiling displays one of the most elaborate and beautiful murals ever created. The best value option for touring the Vatican is through a tour guide, as the wait is considerably less than buying individual tickets.

If you don't feel like visiting the whole of the Vatican, St. Peters Basilica is an impressive showmanship of renaissance architecture and offers free entry all day.

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Other things to see

Spanish steps:

A picturesque and historical site at the heart of the city, the Spanish steps feature an early baroque fountain at the base

Trevi Fountain:

Also a baroque style fountain, the iconic Trevi fountain recently underwent renovation making it appear more impressive than usual. Walkways have also been built allowing visitors to view the architecture up close.

Jewish ghetto:

While not the most popular attraction in Rome, the ghetto is an area of Rome that was separated from the city for 300 years. The contrast between it and the more luxurious areas is an interesting sight. If you are planning a short break to Rome soon check out our cheap Rome offers

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