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10 of the Best Walks in the UK

Daniel Riley June 14th, 2024 457 views

Countryside Walking
Countryside Walking. Picture Credit: Canva
Exploring the diverse landscapes of the UK on foot is a timeless adventure. From mystical hills to historical paths, each walk offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and moments of reflection. Here are ten of the best walks that will leave you mesmerised and inspired.

Chapel Carn Brea, Cornwall

Perched at 198 metres above sea level, Chapel Carn Brea is a modest hillock rather than a grand peak. This unassuming bump in the Cornish landscape is the last (or first) hill in England, offering a tranquil walk with breathtaking views. A ten-minute stroll to the summit, home to Bronze Age burial mounds, reveals panoramic vistas of the surrounding sea and, on clear nights, a starlit sky that is almost surreal. As an International Dark Sky Park, it provides an unparalleled celestial experience. Bring a rug, a torch, and let the night sky unfold its secrets.

Bannau Brycheiniog, Mid-Wales

In the heart of Bannau Brycheiniog, formerly the Brecon Beacons, lies a walk that captures the imagination of thousands of hikers each year. The steady start culminates with a breathtaking view, revealing the majestic Pen y Fan and a 30-mile panorama from Hay Bluff to Fan Brycheiniog. This walk is a private display of nature's wonder, and a must-visit for anyone who happens to be in the region.

The Top of the Hill, Derry

Begin your journey at Ebrington Square in Londonderry-Derry. The walk takes you through historical and cultural layers, climbing towards the Top of the Hill. Along the way, you'll pass memorials and vibrant streets, finally reaching a viewpoint that offers a sweeping look over a city rich in stories and resilience. This walk is a testament to the power of peace and the beauty of shared spaces. It is a very culturally significant walk.

Barrow upon Humber, Lincolnshire

Starting at the statue of John Harrison, the clockmaker who solved the problem of longitude, this 12-mile walk offers historical insights and natural beauty. Wander through the reedy creeks of Barrow Haven, past ancient motte and bailey castles, and along the Humber's embankments. With the Humber Bridge as a backdrop, this walk connects past and present, offering a glimpse into England's maritime heritage.

Brimsdown Hill, Wiltshire

A challenging climb with rewarding views, Brimsdown Hill near Maiden Bradley offers a perfect winter walk. The medieval droveway leads to a windy ridge, passing ancient burial mounds and a Roman fort. The panoramic views from the top are a reminder of the passage of time and the ever-changing landscape. End your walk with a cosy visit to The Bradley Hare pub for a well-deserved local ale.

Alderley Edge, Cheshire

This sandstone escarpment, steeped in folklore and natural beauty, offers a mystical walk through ancient woodlands. Alderley Edge is home to veteran oaks, birch, and a variety of wildlife, making it a haven for nature lovers. The walk culminates at the Edge itself, where expansive views over the Cheshire plain and distant peaks await. It's a place where history, geology, and nature intertwine, providing a serene escape.

The Ragleth, Shropshire

Standing opposite the popular Long Mynd, the Ragleth offers a quieter, more austere walk. A steep climb leads to a ridge with uninterrupted views of the Shropshire countryside. The simplicity of the landscape, with only bracken and a flagpole at the top, makes the reward of the panoramic views even more profound. This walk is a quick, invigorating plunge into nature, perfect for those seeking solitude and perspective.

Ben Wyvis, the Highlands

Dominating the landscape of Garve, Ben Wyvis is a Munro that offers an achievable yet rewarding day hike. The ascent begins through forest paths, leading to the summit with sweeping views across the Highlands. Despite its accessibility, be prepared for changing weather conditions. On clear days, the vistas are breathtaking, and the chance to spot rare upland birds adds to the adventure.

Wharram Percy, Yorkshire Wolds

This walk through the Yorkshire Wolds combines history, geology, and folklore. Starting at the abandoned medieval village of Wharram Percy, the route takes you through Fairy Dale, past ancient railway tunnels, and up to scenic viewpoints. The landscape is dotted with archaeological sites and natural wonders, making it a fascinating exploration of England's rural past.

Box Hill, Surrey

Box Hill offers a family-friendly walk with natural play trails and exceptional views. Begin with a descent to the River Mole, crossing the iconic stepping stones, and then climb back up through woodlands to the top. The ancient box woodland and the wide weald views create a magical escape from the city. It's a place to let your imagination run wild and enjoy the simple joys of nature.

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