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Situated right in the heart of the gorgeous Algarve region of Portugal lies the picturesque resort of Olhos de Agua. This peaceful resort is centred around a sandy cove with fishing boats coming in and out and local fisherman going about their daily lives. There is a very relaxed and traditional feel about this resort - perfect for anyone looking to retreat from the busyness of modern life.

Affordable holidays to Olhos de Agua

Affordable holidays to Olhos de Agua are really popular with us Brits and the island can be reached from most regional airports. Faro airport is the resort’s closest airport being located around a half hour drive away. Check the CheekyTrip comparison site for more relaxing sunshine holidays to the Algarve. Direct flights to Faro tend to be around 3 hours, meaning you can be relaxing in the sun by noon or enjoying a delicious family meal in the evening if you choose an afternoon flight. 

Olhos de Agua is definitely at its busiest and buzzing best during the summer period which lasts from Spring until Autumn. Temperatures tend to reach the lower 30s on most days throughout the summer months. Prices are usually a little bit cheaper outside of these months from Autumn to Spring, although temperatures do fall away into the lower teens. There is much more to do in summer though so we recommend a trip then.

There are a number of wonderful things to do in this pretty resort and one of them is to head to the beach. Olhos de Agua is surrounded by a number of soft, sandy beaches which are nowhere near as crowded as other resorts in the Algarve. Another great thing to do in the town is to simply roam the streets with not a care in the world. There is a real tangible laid-back atmosphere to the whole of this place and its cafe-culture only adds to the stress-free environment. You can get the best of both as well if you stay in Olhos de Agua, with the popular resort of Albufeira just a short journey away. 

Because of its traditional charm as well as being surrounded by booming tourist resorts in the fairly local area, the region in and around Olhos de Agua provides the complete choice and spectrum of places to stay. You will find more humble, smaller and personal options in the centre of the resort. In the outskirts towards Albufeira, you are likely to come across more mega-hotel complexes. The dining scene experiences a similar situation, with cosy cafes and restaurants in the centre of town with more touristy options outside of town.

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