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Nicosia is the divided capital city of Cyprus. It is known for its fascinating history, vibrant culture and good food. This is sure to be a great place to visit if you are looking for somewhere in Cyprus that isn’t too crowded and has a rich history.

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One of the most popular attractions to visit is Cyprus Museum, which is home to a collection of unique antiques and artefacts found over centuries of archaeological research. It is free to enter and so is a great place to visit for a couple of hours, it would make the ideal place to escape the summer heat for a little while! As well as that, another popular site to visit is Buyuk Han, this is the largest caravansarai in Cyprus and is considered by many to be one of the finest buildings on the island. Here you will find various little shops and stalls selling handmade products and homemade food, it is a great place to interact with some of the locals. Alternatively, if you are looking for something a bit different why not visit Pivo Microbrewery, they have a large selection of their own brews, good food and often have live music! It is hidden away near Leora street and is a must-visit if you are a real ale enthusiast, but even if you aren’t you are sure to have a good time here regardless. Finally, another popular attraction to visit is Machairas Monastery, it takes some time to get through as you have to follow a few winding roads but the drive is scenic and the views once you reach there are beautiful so it is definitely not to be missed.

You will find a good selection of accommodation available for your stay in Nicosia, this includes hotels, apartments and holiday homes so no matter how big or small of a group you’re travelling with there is sure to be something perfect for you. Some of the most popular places to stay include the Sky Rood Hotel, Valide Hanim Konak, Kipros Accommodation and Sylvia's antique house.

The nearest airport to Nicosia is Larnaca International Airport, the drive will take roughly 45 minutes by car and around 2 hours 15 minutes by bus. It is a good idea to hire your own cheap car rental from the airport especially if you are planning on visiting places such as the Machairas Monastery as it will give you easier access and more freedom to explore where you want.

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