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This small village lies partly in the Limassol district of Cyprus and partly in the British Overseas Territory of Akrotiri and Dhekelia. It is built on the hill of ancient Kourion and is sure to be a great destination for your next holiday to Cyprus.

One of the most popular sites to visit is The Sanctuary of Apollo. This ancient monument is dedicated to the God of Apollo who was thought to be the protector of Kourion, it normally costs 2.5 euros to enter and the park can be explored within an hour or so, but it is definitely worth visiting if you are interested in the history of the area. Alternatively, another popular site to visit is Zapallo Bay. This is a beautiful, remote, untouched beach situated opposite the Apollo Temple. It is a fairly long hike down to the beach, around 1 km, but the views and the atmosphere are sure to be worth it! Episkopi is a great place to visit if you are a fan of hiking and walking as there are plenty of trails in and around the area, some of the most popular ones include the Kourion stadium trail, the Happy Valley trail and the Apollon Hylatis nature trail. Ultimately, if you enjoy exploring the outdoors Episkopi is definitely a good place to consider.

There is a good selection of accommodation to choose from for your stay in Episkopi, this includes hotels, holiday homes and apartments so no matter how big or small of a group you’re travelling with is there is sure to be somewhere which suits you. A few of the most popular places to stay include Episkopiana Hotel & Sports Resort, Oinoessa Lofou Traditional Houses and Niki’s House Hotel.

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You will find the nearest major airport to Episkopi is Paphos International Airport, it takes roughly 40 minutes to drive by car and around 2 hours 15 minutes by bus, so if you do decide to take public transport just make sure to factor this into your travel time. However, it might be a good idea to hire your own cheap rental car as this way you will be able to explore more towns and villages slightly further afield and make the most of your trip to Cyprus.

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