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Playa de Matapalo is an extremely unique resort due to the fact that it is only accessible by boat, through the thick jungle or through the entire length of two Riu resorts. This makes it the perfect getaway for anyone that values a quiet, secluded holiday in the middle of Central American paradise.

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Relaxing on the peaceful, secluded beach that is central to this resort is why most people travel to Playa de Matapalo. The volcanic sands, the stunning backdrop and the vast array of wildlife that you encounter make this a complete retreat back into nature, combined with a gorgeous beach holiday. Due to its geography, the beach is sheltered from the wind only adding to the relaxing vibes of the area. If you stay at either of the nearby Riu resorts (Riu Palace and Riu Guanacaste), you will have exclusive access to the beach as well as sun loungers, jet skis and massage therapy all being readily available.

Playa de Matapalo offers a somewhat limited amount of accommodation options, simply due to the exclusivity of this resort. The two Riu resorts are the only resorts that are close by that provide easy access to the beach. When it comes to dining out, there are a few options to pick from in the area but again, if you are staying at either of the resorts at Playa de Matapalo, there are excellent wining and dining options within them too which most holidaymakers opt for.

The holiday season in Playa de Matapalo runs from November/December until about April. This is peak tourist season as people look to escape the cold weather in other parts of the world. Temperatures regularly reach the high 20s during this period. Matapalo is located in quite a remote part of Costa Rica. The best way to reach it is to fly to San José airport and then to get a bus transfer which will take just under 3 hours. The longer-than-normal journey will certainly be worth it though.

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