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Playa Conchal is one of the best beach resorts in the whole of Costa Rica, and provides an amazing experience whether you are travelling with family, your partner or with friends. Incredible sunsets, crystal clear waters, soft sands and a relaxed vibe are what you can expect from this wonderful beach resort.

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Given that Playa Conchal literally means “Conchal Beach”, it is little surprise that most of the activities on this part of Costa Rica revolve around the beach. As well as just soaking up rays and de-stressing, there are other things to get stuck into while you are here. Jet skiing is extremely popular not just for the obvious reasons but also as a way for exploring the coast of Costa Rica, including accessing bays that can’t be accessed by land! Snorkelling is also a great activity given the clear waters and at the north end of the beach there is a great reef for exploring and swimming through. Golfing and day tours are also fun things to do in and around the resort, so make sure to check them out too!

The accommodation in Playa Conchal is quite varied and has something to suit all types of traveller. There are some big hotels to choose from as well as medium-sized options. There are also some great B&Bs, villas and apartments that you can rent out which are extremely friendly and provide easy access to the beach. When dining out you will get plenty of opportunities to sample some delicious local Costa Rican food as well as some of the more classic international options.

The holiday season in Playa Conchal lasts from around November until April although the temperatures are warm and delightful all year round. This is the busy holiday season on the island due to people looking to escape the cold of the winter in other parts of the world but it never really gets overcrowded. This makes it a great holiday destination for all times of the year. The easiest way to reach this beach resort is to fly to Liberia International Airport. From there, Playa Conchal is about an hour’s journey away.

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