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Beijing is a fantastically vibrant city with a three thousand year history, where the old and the new sit cheek by jowel, with ancient temples, palaces and monuments framed by modern skyscrapers. The capital of China, Beijing is a vast city that stretches for one hundred miles from east to west and one hundred and ten miles from north to south. It has a population of over twenty-one million. Coming as we do from a small island, these figures are difficult to comprehend without experiencing them in reality. Since it is so large and has so many “must see” attractions, visitors will need to prioritise their sightseeing list. Even so, most visitors feel that a return journey is necessary in order to do justice to the city.

Enjoy a City Break in Beijing

Beijing city breaks can be taken at any time of year. The winters are not excessively cold nor the summers excessively hot. The rainy season coincides with the summer months when the air is humid. Although the city averages eleven hours of sunshine each day, expect sharp short showers on a regular basis. The New Year celebrations are a great attraction. Temperatures at that time will fluctuate around freezing.

Beijing's low cost city breaks have wide appeal. The exotic nature of its cultural past and the vitality of present day, are an intoxicating combination. When it comes to sightseeing The Forbidden City and the Great Wall generally top the list, closely followed by Tiananmen Square, the Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace. Owing to the panda breeding centre at the Beijing Zoo, and the animal's universal magnetism, the zoo is a popular attraction. The six centuries old palace in the Forbidden City, the largest palace in the world and home to the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties, will take more than a day to explore. Tiananmen Square is also high on the list for who can visit it without the poignant memories of a young man standing in front of a tank, defying the might of the Chinese army and the political regime. Another 'must see' attraction is the world famous Great Wall which dates from the fifth century BC with additions until the sixteenth century.

As well as the cultural aspect of the city, Beijing is one of the best places in the world for those who enjoy shopping. If you keep away from the western style malls and head for the markets, you'll have a shopping experience like no other. In the pearl markets they'll string you necklaces and bracelets while you wait and in the silk markets there are tailors and dressmakers ready to run up your garments without delay. The markets all employ 'hard sell' tactics so you need to be firm with your refusals. Fake designer goods are everywhere and are generally good imitations. Remember to haggle over the prices.

As you'd expect in a city of this size, there are thousands of restaurants where you can choose from traditional fare to international cuisine. Be careful when you order wine as the prices are astronomical. Beijing accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes with tariffs to suit all budgets. Service is generally very good. There are bars, pubs, discos, nightclubs and casinos where your evenings can be as lively or as relaxed as you wish depending on your choice of venue.

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