Holidays to China

China Holidays

While China is certainly not your typical holiday destination and isn’t where many people would think of going, it is becoming increasingly popular and for very good reason. China has the largest population in the world and is also one of the biggest in terms of size. Chinese culture and history is also extremely fascinating and feels like a completely different world to anything that you will have experienced in Western civilisation. So if you fancy a trip that is a little bit more unique, willing to try a road that is a little less travelled and are open to trying your hand at a completely new way of living, then China might be the destination for you.

China City Breaks

The capital of Beijing is where we will begin and it is nothing short of mesmerising both in terms of its size and appeal. With over 21 million citizens, you will feel the same levels of vibrancy and bustle as other major cities such as New York as you navigate your way in between the grand skyscrapers of offices and residency. To truly experience and appreciate everything that Beijing has to offer, an extended stay or a return trip is a must. The big attractions include one of the Seven Wonders of the World: The Great Wall of China and can and should be coupled with a visit to the largest palace in the world in the mysterious yet fascinating Forbidden City.

Much like the massive city of Beijing, there is so much to see and do in the grand city of Hong Kong. It is also characterised by huge skyscrapers but interestingly enough, thirty percent of the land is dedicated to country parks and nature reserves so you will never find yourself too overwhelmed within the concrete jungle. A tram trip to Victoria Peak is probably the must-do attraction when in Hong Kong in order to truly grasp the magnificent design and size of all of the moving parts of the city. Due to its varied colonial history, the city has also transformed into a cultural hub with a huge variety of foods from all over the world just waiting to be tasted by you.

China Holidays

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