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Cayo Santa Maria is a small key (Cayo) located just off the northern coast of the main island of Cuba. It is part of the larger archipelago of Jardines del Rey and provides a stunning island retreat that consists mainly of sea, sand and total relaxation. Cayo Santa Maria is also a very safe island despite its relative lack of development and is growing in popularity as the months go by…

Low Cost Holidays to Cayo Santa Maria

Low-cost holidays to Cayo Santa Maria are available from a few major airports in the UK and since the route is so popular with jet-setters from around the world, there is bound to be the ideal flight waiting for you. The best way to reach Cayo Santa Maria is to fly into the airport at Cayo Coco, although there aren’t many direct flights from the UK to here. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site for more bargains to hidden gems like this from around the world. Flight duration to Cuba is around 10 hours long.

The most popular period to visit this resort is the spring to autumn period with temperatures often hitting the low 30s throughout these months. Not only is the area at its vibrant best during this period but prices are still very reasonable. However, winter months are almost as popular and just as reasonably priced. Temperatures still hit the high 20s on most days and it is the ideal place to get some winter sunshine. 

One of the main attractions to this island, like most of the keys in this part of the world, is its spectacular beach areas. At the far eastern end of the resort sits the splendid Playa Perla Blanca which is one of the most untouched and beautiful beaches in the whole of the archipelago. One of the main towns in the area is Pueblo La Estrella which features mock-colonial shops, bars, bowling alleys and discos. In many of the keys, you will find a contrast of untouched nature and recently-erected tourist facilities.

The accommodation options in Cayo Santa Maria are fairly limited to around 10 hotels. Most of them are all-inclusive and encourage eating, drinking and relaxing within the hotel complex themselves. Because of this, some of the best places to dine in the region are also located in the hotels. However, Cayo Santa Maria has a few smaller towns to take advantage of than most places which provide some good places to eat.

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