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Cayo Guillermo is one of the small Cuban islands that are part of the Jardines del Rey chain. Just like most of the other ‘Cayo’ islands, Cayo Guillermo is the ideal place for a sunshine getaway from most of civilisation. It is situated in an idyllic location with not much going on outside of the few all-inclusive hotels. If you need a retreat into nature with plenty of sun involved, Cayo Guillermo might be your place.

Budget Holidays to Cayo Guillermo

Budget holidays to Cayo Guillermo are growing in popularity and the region can be reached from a select few airports in the UK. Most travellers arrive via the airport on Cayo Coco island and get a short transfer from there. In order to get to Cayo Coco from the UK, you will most likely have to get a connecting flight. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site for more great deals to exotic all-year-round destinations like this one. Direct flights to this part of the world tend to be 10 hours long and of course, longer if you arriving indirectly.

The best time to visit this resort is probably during the summer period where there is the most life on the island. Temperatures tend to reach the high 20s and even into the lower 30s throughout the summer months whilst the period between autumn to spring still rarely drops below 20C, even at night. Because of this, winter might also be a great option for you if you are seeking winter sunshine and don’t mind the crowds to be even less than they are during the summer. 

Apart from plenty of rest and relaxation, the island itself of Cayo Guillermo doesn’t have much to offer in terms of things to do or see. The beach and the wildlife are the two main attractions to this place and if you only want a relaxing retreat away from most of civilisation, then this is perfect! However, we do definitely recommend excursions to mainland Cuba as well as places like Moron and Trinidad. All of these places have their own unique things to see and do and are only a short distance from Cayo Guillermo. 

Accommodation options on this island are very limited as one might expect. There are 3-4 all-inclusive hotels to choose from and nothing else. These establishments are designed for you to eat, drink, swim and relax to your heart’s content without having to move your bum for the duration. Most of the best places to eat are located in the hotel complexes themselves. Again, for more variety, you should head to mainland Cuba.

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