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Liwa Oasis is a large oasis area in the Western region of Abu Dhabi. It is a great place to visit if you are wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and visit somewhere more relaxing and slow-paced. It is situated on the northeastern edge of the Empty Quarter, the world’s largest uninterrupted desert.

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One of the most popular sites to visit is Moreeb Dune. The dune is a playground for sand skiers, dune bashers and other adventure antics including camel racing and if you visit in December you will also be able to visit the international festival up there. However, if you are visiting in the peak season (after March until the summer I would say) it starts to get very hot and scrambling up a dune becomes very hard work, so that is just something to keep in mind. On the other hand, another popular site to visit is Umm Hosn Fort. This ancient ruin is one of the oldest forts in the Liwa Oasis, it was the scene of a Qatari attack in 1880 before being used by the locals as a stone quarry. It is a good sight to see, however, the fort is not accessible as it is too fragile. Finally, another popular site to visit is Muqib Tower. There is no known history of the tower except that it was probably built sometime during the 19th century and it is currently freely accessible to the public.

You will find that the closest airport to Liwa Oasis is Abu Dhabi Airport however, there are other options for you to reach Liwa too. For example, you can take the bus from Dubai to Liwa via Jabal Ali Metro Station 2 and Ibn Battuta Bus Station 8. But if you do decide to fly into Abu Dhabi it might be a good idea to consider hiring your own cheap car rental as this will be the easiest and quickest way for you to get around.

There is a great variety of accommodations available in Liwa for you to choose from, many of which are hotels and resorts. Some of the most popular places to stay are Tilal Liwa Hotel, Liwa Nights Bedouin Glamping Retreat, Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara and LIWA Hotel. The price range for the stays is very varied so there is sure to be somewhere that suits everyone's budget.

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