Cheap Holidays to Konakli

If you're craving a Turkish delight without the hustle and bustle of big tourist hubs, you might want to set your compass towards Konakli. Nestled in the vibrant region of Alanya, this stunning resort town is an idyllic gem with enchanting landscapes, historical intrigue and the perfect setting for both bargain holidays and city breaks. 

When it comes to places to visit and things to see in Konakli, you're in for a veritable treat. Dip your toes in history by visiting the Konakli Nergis Church. This 19th-century wonder boasts an architectural tapestry that weaves together time and tales of yesteryears. A trip to Alanya Castle, just a short ride from Konakli, should also be on your itinerary. This iconic structure offers expansive vistas of the azure Mediterranean Sea – a sight that will surely take your breath away.

For the more adventurous souls, there's plenty of thrill to dive into. Get your heart pumping with some water sports along Konakli's inviting beaches. Paddleboarding, windsurfing, you name it - there’s an ocean of fun waiting for you. For a more laid-back day, visit the local bazaars and street markets, where you can immerse yourself in a colourful world of crafts, textiles, and flavours that truly represent Turkish culture.

When the day starts to yawn into evening, Konakli presents a wide range of accommodation and dining options. The resorts here cater to all, whether you prefer the plush comfort of a luxury hotel or the cosy charm of a budget-friendly guesthouse. For your culinary adventures, don't miss out on the locally popular ‘Imam Bayildi’, a delightful eggplant dish that will have your taste buds doing a merry dance. For dessert, the traditional 'Revani', a syrup-soaked semolina cake, is a must-try at any of the ambient eateries lining Konakli’s streets.

When To Visit Konakli

As for the best time to visit Konakli, April to June and September to November are delightful months. The weather during these periods is comfortable – ideal for beach excursions and exploring the nearby historical sites. However, if you're hunting for more off-peak low-cost holidays, consider a winter escape. You’ll find the town serene, prices more attractive, and the Turkish tea even more comforting!

Now, how does one journey from the UK to this captivating corner of Turkey? Well, the easiest way is to catch a flight to Gazipasa Alanya Airport, which is well-served by many airlines with direct flights from the UK. From the airport, a taxi or shuttle ride of about an hour will bring you to the heart of Konakli.