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Playa Miramar is a very beautiful and peaceful beach that lies on the Costa Azahar in Spain. It is always in pristine condition and has more of an image of a private beach rather than a busy public beach. The wind can whip up a bit during the day but nothing too extreme. In the evenings, the wind tends to drop and this is when many of the locals come out to enjoy the soft sands and warm climate.

Budget Holidays to Playa Miramar

Budget holidays to Playa Miramar are available from most major airports in the UK and since the route is so popular with travellers from this country, there is bound to be the ideal flight waiting for you. Playa Miramar is situated around an hour drive away from Valencia airport. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site for more amazing deals to Spanish coastal destinations like this one. Direct flights to this part of the world usually take around 3 hours.

The best time to visit Playa Miramar is throughout the summer months and even into early autumn. These are the hottest months of the year though so you may need to take shelter from the intense Spanish sun around lunchtime and siesta with the locals. This resort never gets overwhelmingly busy so you don’t have to worry about booking your holiday to avoid peak times. 

Life in and around this beach is lived at a very slow and relaxed pace. You will see many locals having food on their tables and deck chairs, people playing dominoes, cards and bowls as well as others that are there lying down and listening to the waves lapping on the shore. A local thermal wind called Garbí can make this place quite blustery during the day during the summer months. However, at about 7pm the wind drops and the beach is at its calmest and most picturesque.

The accommodation in Playa Miramar is quite restricted as this place doesn’t receive that many tourists from overseas. You will find a few hotels and apartments a small distance from the beach but not much else. For a larger selection, the city of Gandía is just a short distance away. The same is true for dining out in the region, with only a select few beach cafes and restaurants to pick from. If you want a wider choice, you should probably check out a larger nearby resort. 

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