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This pretty fishing town lies 5 km from Funchal and was one of Madeira’s earliest settlements in the 15th century. It is technically a suburb of Funchal and is one of the larger population centres and an extension of the Funchal economy. Ultimately, it is a great place to stay if you are wanting somewhere slightly quieter than Funchal city but still want to be close by.

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One of the most popular places to visit is Cabo Girao, this platform offers incredible views out to the ocean and the rest of the island. There are multiple levels and there is even a part with a glass floor! If you are planning to hire your own cheap car rental whilst staying in Camara de Lobos you will be happy to know parking is free, however, the car park isn’t that big. Alternatively, many visitors enjoy taking a trip to Barbeito Madeira, a beautiful winery with a rich history. Here you can sample wines ranging from 15 to 350 euros a bottle which are all included in the 20 euro price, so it is definitely worth the trip. On the other hand, if you are wanting to explore more of the outdoors you should consider visiting Levada Norte. Here you can walk a 6 km stretch of the 75 km Levada, it is a great place to explore if you are looking for great views and guides can also help you understand more about the history of the area. But do bear in mind that sturdy footwear will be needed as it is not the easiest of trails.

There is a great variety of accommodation for you to choose from for your stay in Camara de Lobos including hotels, apartments and holiday homes. Many of which have great views of the surrounding area ensuring you wake up to some incredible sights. Some of the most popular places to stay include Pestana Fisherman Village, Quinta da Saraiva, Pestana Churchill Bay and Hotel Quinta da Serra.

You will find that the nearest major airport is Madeira Airport, it will take around 25 minutes to drive to by car and so taxi fares shouldn’t be too expensive. However, if you are wanting to save money you can also use public transport and get the bus but this will take around 1 hour 10 minutes if you get bus line 01.

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