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Langkawi is a picturesque island located off the coast of Penang in Malaysia. It has an extremely laid back way of life and completely embodies ‘island living’. It is the ideal retreat for those looking to find peace in natural surroundings and to relax on some beautiful, quiet beaches.

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One of the most iconic spots to visit in Langkawi is Eagle Square (or Dataran Lang). It is located in Kuah, the main town on the island, and is marked by a 12m tall statue of an eagle ready to fly. There are also a number of scenic footpaths, bridges and fountains in the area which make for a very pleasant experience. Another great thing to do in Langkawi is to visit Mahsuri Tomb and Museum. The island is steeped in local legend and the most famous of these is the story of Mahsuri, an extremely beautiful woman who was sentenced to death when others became jealous of her good looks. Langkawi was said to be cursed for seven generations and you can discover the full story at the museum. No trip to Langkawi is complete without a trip on its iconic cable car. The journey takes you to the top of Mat Cincang Mountain and you will enjoy incredibly scenic views all of the way to the top on this 15-minute-long trip.

The accommodation in Langkawi is reasonably varied and has something to suit all types of traveller. There are some hotels but certainly not as many as other parts of Malaysia. Here you will find a larger focus on smaller B&Bs, hotels and generally more intimate accommodation which certainly matches the whole quiet nature of the region. When dining out you will get plenty of opportunities to sample some local and delicious Malaysian food. Most places do offer a selection of other cuisines too though.

The holiday season in Langkawi lasts from around November until April with the monsoon season taking over from about April/May time. However, temperatures do remain warm all-year-round making this an attractive destination no matter what time of year that you do select. The airport in Langkawi is offering more routes and flights than ever before which is ideal for landing and heading straight to your resort or accommodation. However you may have to get a connecting flight to reach it from the UK.

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