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Eilat is a beautiful destination in Israel and is very unique in the sense that it is the country’s only Red Sea resort. Due to this, it is a popular holiday getaway with people travelling to Israel, particularly with those who are looking to take advantage of the Red Sea’s famous diving scene. There are things to do and see in Eilat that are suitable for travellers of all ages and preferences.

One of the biggest attractions in Eilat is the phenomenal Underwater Observatory Marine Park. The tower observatory, located around 100m offshore, contains stairs down to the seabed where you can see all manner of marine life in their natural habitat. It is a great opportunity for kids but just as great for adults! Another great adventure to add to your list when visiting Eilat is the Timna National Park. Here you will discover incredible desert landscapes and some intriguing and strange rock formations, created by a combination of wind and rain. Eilat also has botanical gardens worth mentioning and snorkelling opportunities at Coral Beach Reserve.

Accommodation in Eilat

Eilat has an excellent selection of accommodation options to choose from. There are some top-quality hotels here that you can usually book for very competitive prices. This is definitely the most popular way to stay in the resort. However, there are also some villa and apartment/studio-style choices to choose from too. Although most of the activities and attractions we have mentioned are relatively close, we still recommend staying somewhere near the beach as that is where most facilities are and where most visitors spend the majority of their time.

With hot summers and mild winters, there isn’t really a bad time to visit Eilat or any other resort in Israel for that matter. Perhaps September - April might just have the edge as the summer temperatures can get a little too much for some. The closest airport to the resort is Ramon Airport which serves the south of Israel.

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