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Kotu Beach is one of Gambia’s liveliest and most visited beach resorts and is a target for any traveller looking for an African getaway minus the jet lag. Despite the luscious sandy beach being the main attraction here, there is far more to do and see in and around Kotu Beach including off-the-beaten-track adventures, phenomenal bird-watching opportunities and much more.

Budget Holidays to Kotu Beach

Budget holidays to Kotu Beach are starting to grow in popularity and the region can be reached from most airports in the UK. There are direct flights to Banjul International Airport and from there, the resort is just a 15 mile drive away. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site for more great deals to exotic African locations like this one. Direct flights to Gambia usually take around 6-hours. 

The resort receives a steady number of tourists coming and going all throughout the year, mainly due to the warm weather that Gambia has during all of the seasons. The best time to visit is almost certainly the winter months with temperatures reaching the low-mid 30s; the ideal time to escape the perishing cold of the UK!  For the rest of the year, temperatures still touch the mid-30s without much fluctuation at all as the months progress. On top of this, Gambia is located within the same time-zone as the UK, so there is no jet-lag to worry about either!

There are a number of incredible things to do in Kotu Beach and one of them is to park yourself on the soft golden sands and soak up some West African sun. With plenty of shaded areas, the beach is the ideal place to kick back and relax all day long. For those who seek a few more thrills, there are other great activities to get stuck into including jet-skiing and deep sea diving. For more amazing things to do outside of the resort, be sure to look at river cruises where you will get the opportunity to see hippos and crocs as well as visiting the Kotu Creek wetlands where you will see hundreds of colourful native bird species.

Kotu Beach manages to balance growing tourist numbers without becoming an overcrowded resort. Because of this, the local authorities have imposed planning restrictions on high rise hotels meaning that for most accommodation options in the area, you will have fairly unrestricted views. The most popular stays in the region include low-rise hotel and apartment complexes with a selection of dining options to choose from. Eating out in the evenings is a magical experience in Kotu Beach and we recommend either one of the beach shacks down by the sea or any of the other inland restaurants which specialise in freshly-caught seafood dishes.

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