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Nice is one of the finest destinations to visit not just in France, but in the whole of Europe. It manages to combine some of the most sought-after qualities in a holiday destination - year-round sunshine, a gorgeous seafront and a historical city centre - to make it the top location of choice for many types of travellers.

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Being situated in the south of France, Nice enjoys some very pleasant weather all-year round making it a top place to visit no matter the time of year. The great thing about Nice’s climate is that the winters don’t get too cold and the summer’s don’t get too hot. Average temperatures in July and August sit at around 24C whereas average temperatures in the winter sit at around 10C. This means that enjoying some summer sun on the beach will never be too overwhelming and doing some exploring of the city will never be too chilly.

Nice is a fantastic option for all types of visitors. Families tend to enjoy the area in and around Promenade des Anglais which offers wide sandy beaches for a variety of beach activities and there is a range of hotels and prices to suit your budget. The beach runs for the whole 4km sweep of the Baie des Anges with a dedicated lane for cyclists and skaters - bike and skates can be rented from along the promenade too. In the centre of town, there are also the famous Cours Saleya Markets which combine the very best of a flower market, a food market and a good old fashioned flea market. The area is always buzzing with activity, particularly on Mondays, and appeals to all variety of tourists and locals, young and old.

A trip away to Nice opens you up to any sort of accommodation option that you could want. There are some very high quality, all inclusive hotels located right in the city centre which serve as much of the local and international cuisine as you desire. There are also cheaper self catered options dotted all over the region if you plan on doing Nice on a bit of a budget - which you definitely can. You can pick up some fantastic deals not just on accommodation and in the flea market, but also when it comes to booking your actual holiday to Nice. Here at Cheekytrip, we can help you do just that. We are a price comparison site that can certainly help you out with your search. Simply enter your dates, destination and point of departure into our search engine and within a matter of seconds, we'll find you the best Nice holiday offer of the day. All you need to do is ring the number and make a booking.

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